Monday, February 23, 2015

What can be done when all one receives are allegations of non-performance by the new Government, regarding the past regime's crimes?

I get hundreds of calls every day over a number of matters and I will just note here those merely relating to the speed with which people’s expectations are fulfilled. People who call me on this subject are generally dissatisfied as to the pace of change that has been promised.

So let us start with two sms I received today, from a person I have no idea, how he got my mobile number and who currently lives in Australia. I will give his mobile number to reply to if any of my readers wish to concur or proscribe the said frustration of the writer! +61 4204 84844

The one at crack of dawn this morning was:

“You guys are cowards. Just taking no action at all. It has been close to 55 days and major thugs are still freely roaming. Kudu Dumiya and Mahindananda and Wimal are laughing from their asses off. Shame on you all. If MR won the Presidential Election you all are counting bars right now. Be brave and show some guts and balls while you all have the power you gutless idiots. We worked tirelessly on FB and try to convince people to vote on you morons. See Arjuna’s brother , he still acts as if nothing has happened. List goes on!”  

The follow up a few hours later read as follows:

“Ponna aanduwa thawama nakath balanawa, loku hour allanna. Rate podi ekata eka neethiyak, loku ekata thawa neethiyak. Thuk nodakin”

This is just one example of a litany of similar calls, messages and letters I have received where people, the public are fed up that one of the main tenets of the 100 day plan, namely of bringing criminals to book are NOT going at pace especially in view of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. The example used always is that anyone caught with some ganja is first taken first to the Police Station, beaten up, and then locked up before asking any questions, or being permitted even to obtain legal assistance. Whilst the big rogues are still roaming free, with NO serious attempt at investigation and prosecution.

Further the talk in the street are of deals being done behind the scenes, where big money (looted funds) are exchanging hands from one side to the other in exchange for limited or full immunity from prosecution, with intermediaries cashing in big time with personal financial gains for access to the elite in the new Administration.

These are serious allegations even if just figments of imagination, and it is very important the infant administration is able to nip these allegations and even set up a 24 hour investigating teams to speed up on investigation and prosecute the guilty.

It is very important that there are genuine attempts at clearing the air and a media show made to show that some of the big fish are treated like the common criminals they are, no matter they were recently in very high and powerful positions. We cannot as a country protect those who have put innocent peoples’ lives at risk, forced a flood of drugs, alcohol and other crimes on us from their lofty positions even using diplomatic immunity of VIPs to smuggle currency our and bring contraband in.

These were promises made which must be kept no matter what, and when the President who is not directly involved is able to point the finger at the Govt. there is none other than the PM who unfortunately has to shoulder this blame as the head of Govt. Even the loftier than thou personas such as Champika Ranawaka and the Ven. Athureliya Rathana Thero  are making the same allegations, to say nothing of the JVP success at cashing on this good fortune, as they were neither tagged with the past Regime and not with the present, especially as half the current Govt. is still accused with the past regime of NOT doing anything to reverse the allegations whilst they were in Govt. when in reality their consciences could have resulted in their resignation inspite of the threat of exposure if they had done wrong.

Is it because there are many in the present Govt. with a criminal allegation in the Bribery Commission that they do not wish to draw too much attention to themselves in this quest to clean the mess? I don’t have the answer, as I am just as frustrated as my colleagues in the same boat, who have to face the daily barrage of complaints we send upstairs, without apparent success.

I am willing to accept that there maybe actions taking place to which I am NOT privy to them, but which taken in totality is an attempt at making redress as promised. However it is important the public understand by proper publicity that ongoing investigations are taking place to give them what they expect and prove wrong.

Now no helicopters have emerged, no Lamborghinis have emerged, no tons of gold have been found, so there is a question of why? Has it been found and covered up, or was it not there in the first place, or have the crooks been able to hide this successfully that we have yet to trace the loot? Many questions no answers.    


sittingnut said...

don't try to excuse pederast ranil's slanders against previous gov, which he is unable to prove in court.
if he cannot prove them he should not have made them.
liar and his toyboys are caught in their own trap. scum!

Anonymous said...

Making good on Elections promises is not easy, when you use the due process rules of law, which the previous govt. did away with. It simply takes time. In the case of MPs and their families it is the same like when a Policemen are taken in, fellow officers also think long and hard, and until there is a cast iron case they don’t take action at the same speed as for us mere mortals. That is not an excuse but there are things that can easily and not easily be proved in a court of law.

Take the case of Al Capone the notorious gangster, he was in the end indicted on MAIL FRAUD as that was more easily proved over the real crimes he had committed, due to witness tampering etc.

Remember our Parliamentary Gangsters have the best lawyers at their disposal, and there is nothing worse than the case failing in Court after all the obvious evidence. Think about it you lose respect for even the law then!

Under Gota’s Law, Duminda would have been locked up immediately, and would have been shot dead, whilst trying to run away, when he was taken to a spot where drugs would be found. Under Maithri’s law, the witness protection bill only just passed in Parliament last week offering a modicum of protection for those who are willing to testify against Duminda!

Then you have Govt. MPs who will also be implicated if Duminda squeals, you have his brother Raynor helping the Govt. and thereby seeking some respite, and then you have the evidence. It looks now that investigations are looking into the source of funds in the 60 bank accounts. Then under what law do you arrest him? It is how they hide their dirty deeds that make it difficult.

Then we have a Police and CID that is actually incompetent in finding financial fraud, and exchange control violations, so prosecution takes time.

THE PUBLIC IS IMPATIENT – Ranil will be voted out of office due to this impatience – and we are back to square one.

Who do we blame Ranil or the public? Or even the 100 day Govt! It is a real catch 22 if you are intelligent, and a no brainer if you have been brought up under the Rajapakse way of doing things and thereby have become their slaves without our realizing it. Think about it!

The comment above is just from an apologist for the Rajapakse crimes so it should be merely that, nut case!

Anonymous said...

To me above all the Rajapakses destroyed Sri Lanka’s environment in their 10 year rule, more than the British did in 150 year rule. That is not reversible whilst most other actions can be reversed through time. So I am a member of the public that votes on that basis, though I blame the Sirisena family too for their complicity in the environmental destruction.

I am afraid that due to public impatience, and elections in the offing, the Govt will take kneejerk decisions in bringing these crooks to book to please the public but in reality allow them to escape from the worst excesses using their legal rights and legal advice.

Some Countries have taken decades to find stolen money, and in the case of the Philipines, the Marcos billions took decades to find and repatriate. It is no different in the Rajapakse case as all their loot is recycled through their proxies like Dammika, Nimal, Ashok, Sumal and others, which make it very difficult to find. So their sons can say the Rs20M watch collection is NOT theirs but someone elses! It is typical that the sycho sycophants of the Rajapakse Regime are relishing this inability to find the loot! Saying none exists.

It is important the full extent of theft is disclosed to the public, and educate them that it is NOT easy to find it in a day, to make them understand reality.

Anonymous said...

Make no bones about the excesses of the Rajapakse Govt. It is clear as night follows day, and unbelievable that people cannot realize how he has completely destroyed Sri Lanka. You only have to look at his own Hambantotata, ruined beyond imagination, and let it be a lesson to all.

It is the word that Ranil a friend of Rajapakse’s for 40 years gave him upon leaving TT that bugs me, as he promised to protect his family!

If roles were reversed I doubt we could say the same, as one is a bandit, and the other whose word is his bond. Two different animals from two different worlds who happen to be friends. Perverse too because in politics Rajapakse destroyed Ranil’s credentials.

In this game of poker called politics, you have the nuts cases in the public, who think on their arses and in the end a minority of arses can determine the fate of a nation whether we hand it to crooks or crooks with a more altruistic intent!

Jack Point said...

Well said Anon.

I think to some extent they have been overwhelmed by the mountain of corruption that is coming to light as well as the lack of administrative machinery to investigate - people, resources need to be allocated.

They need to tackle this while trying to run the normal adminsitration, fix the crisis in international relations, try to sort out some of the finances, all the while looking over their backs-with MR and the gang playing spoilers, especially within the SLFP.

A daunting task, that I would not wish on an enemy. Lets hope they can stay the course.

Anonymous said...

The public is in the dark and the government is looking like hot air dispensers. Where is the gold? Where are the cars? Where are the billions? If they so confidently proclaimed it during the elections shouldn't they know where these things are? They look very bad and increasingly worse as the days pass.

And the easier things like dealing with the small fry drug dealers, money launderers, inside traders, murderers, etc hasn't even happened.

The only person in jail is poor Tissa, who didn't even factor into the arguments made during election time! And shashi.