Monday, May 5, 2014

The proclivity of our leaders to be idiots beats the cake. – “We guarantee that there will NO youth uprising for the next 10 years.”

Today’s Daily Mirror reported that the Minister of Youth Affairs, who is principally involved with the organizing of the World Youth Conference in Sri Lanka beginning in Hambantota tomorrow, made the above asinine statement. 

In fact only intelligent observers will know it is a crass statement to make at any time, and most importantly now, when we are hosting a very important event as it concerns the Youth, and we as the Host Nation must make every attempt to put this country in the best light, so that our guests are able to get a good impression of our beautiful but tragic country, where we have been cursed by leaders elected by the people, who are forever preening themselves and being self indulgent at the expense of the populace of Sri Lanka.

In an environment, where we universally agree that our Education system needs a drastic change, we have uneducated Ministers of State making patronizing comments to suppress the enthusiasm of youth to be creative by making statements that are grossly inappropriate and condescending.

With a deterioration of education from the 1970, we have suppressed creativity, and imagination. In this manner, we have also suppressed independent opinion forming and critical thinking. We teach our young people to believe what is said, and NOT analyze the basis for statements. In this way young people are UNABLE to make decisions for themselves, as they are unable to judge right from wrong, and know when they are being cajoled into submission.

No wonder then, that apathy is the order of the day, because they are UNABLE to create an uprising for change for the better. Dulless Alahapperuma is completely confused, as he thinks uprisings are by definition violent. I know their Govt. lives by the sword, and they will die by the same means, but it does not mean that rational people must follow bankrupt concepts blindly.

It is the need of this Regime, NOT to educate its citizens and keep their creativity in checkm, so that they may survive in power to decimate the future to one of a Cretinous Republic. It is time the youth realize their potential and change the status quo for the better understanding the challenges they face.

It is better for someone not so young to shut up about what a young generation may or may not get up to, given a chance and a good education.

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Anonymous said...

you are right. the education system needs a dramatic overhaul, bringing in skills and knowledge that will help students survive once they graduate. skills like communication, leadership, creativity, ethics, entrepreneurship, etc. desperately need to be given priority in an education system which currently focuses on rote memorization of facts/ideas/folklore.

i am sure you can find plenty of assinine statements from members of parliament on all sides, from all benches, rather than only this gentleman's.