Friday, April 25, 2014

Using the Mathematics introduced by the Govt. they only had a majority of ONE! for the Casino Bill

You will remember that the Maths as taught by GOSL arising from the HRC resolution, was one that all those who do not vote for the resolution are implied to have voted against. Therefore the UNHRC resolution was passed with a majority of JUST ONE! In the same method of calculation, today there was a vote taken on the Controversial Special Projects Bill setting up skipping resorts by James Packer whose Crown Resorts in all other countries is centered around Casinos, but if you believe the august President of Sri Lanka, James Packer will have the only resort in the world that specializes in skipping. (skipping over the truth so that you end up with lies!)

In a parliament of 225 members only 113 were counted as voting in favor and therefore 112 MPS are assumed to have disagreed with that position, giving the Govt. a majority of JUST ONE! Isn’t it ironic that inside of a month, (UNHRC vote was on March 27th) the Govt. received a dose of their own medicine? This time they cannot blame foreign pressures or NGO or DIASPORA. They had a three line whip and all MPs were summoned and those overseas were also asked to return, and what do we have? Their ministers such as Champika Ranawaka, Rishard Badiudeen, Rauf Hakeem, Wimal Weerawansa among them, DID NOT TURN UP.

This is clearly an insult to the Govt. and shows the level of dissent inherent in the passing of the bill. I just hope the media in the morning have the guts to challenge the unity in the Govt. and call a spade, what it is and not a shovel!

I have maintained in my previous blog entries that if there was an auction for a Casino license giving exclusivity, there would be a minimum bid of US$1.5B which will be sufficient to provide electricity for the entire population of Sri Lanka with renewable energy, for all time! So in addition to this revenue being handed on a plate to both the investors and the Govt. stooges and leaders as spoils, it was made worse by 10 year tax concessions of over US$1B on top of the earlier figure giving unprecedented favoritism to a gambling, whilst taxing basic foodstuffs of poor people unconscionably.

Once it sinks in to the people, and the media have the courage to explain it to the masses, we are probably witnessing the beginning of the end of this nepotistic and corrupt regime, and in time their desperation to hold on to power will ensure further self inflicted wounds, handing over chances on a plate for the opposition. It is important that these chances of corrective action are NOT wasted but usefully parlayed into providing an alternative Government that better serves the interests of its Citizens.   


Anonymous said...

it is amazing that the government is so powerful that it can push through something so reviled by the people of Sri Lanka, except for the Christians who will also be working in the casinos.

this is a moment for the opposition if it can bring together all stakeholders from the sangha to the muslims to the puritanical types all over the island.

combine this sinful gambling issue with arguments against high cost of living and toxic living environment, and the opposition has a winning chance!

if i were a betting man, as MR obviously is, my money is on the opposition squandering this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

while rome is burning, nero is twiddling his thumbs

Anonymous said...

with the flurry of activity regarding this sinful enterprise being thrust upon our dear dharma dveepa, your readership is expecting more issues raised for kalpanakaranna !!