Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There were no pictures of the 3000 children who were standing in Costume from 9.30 to 12.30 yesterday in Hambantota (censored)

One of the obscenely senseless Organizational faux pas of the WCY14 opening ceremony in Hambantota yesterday, was the fact that 3000 school children lined up the approach road from the main road to the Convention Center dressed in various outfits from 9.30am to 12.30 for the guests to see!

They are not circus animals surely! Anyway these kids some of whom had been up from 5am and been taken from home to where their makeup and outfits had been put on them, and then bused into the venue to be standing for 3 hours was an uncalled for violation of their rights, and respect.

Whoever was in charge of planning such an unforgivable aspect must suffer the same ignominy and understand why so many of these kids fainted as they were NOT allowed to even sit down. As I mentioned in my blog, we have some mentally deficient deviants who are tasked with organizing events to show off to their superiors so much so that when the VVIPs and President turned up, they were driven right up to the red carpet not being able to see these kids, permanently striking out the reason for their presence in the first place.

In true Sri Lanka fashion the planned for start at 11.30 turned into 12.30 as some of the buses with guests began arriving only after the President arrived at 12.15! This meant that the journey took longer than anticipated.

Further after obligatory photo op and the lunch, when the delegates left at 3, they were not taken in a tour of Hambantota, as there was NOTHING to see in that wilderness, but taken to a beach party on Polhena Beach in Matara, laid on my CSN, (which no doubt would have been paid an obscene amount to organize that) and then late in the night driven back dog tired back to their hotels in Colombo, with some arriving after midnight.

Of course none of this would be in the news. One reason being that only the 5 Press of the President was allowed inside the Conference Hall, which had plenty of room to house over 100 press men. All the others had to watch on TV and send their reports from the press room. That is why only the good photos are from outside the Hall and the bad ones are from inside, the canned ones for public consumption. I hope at the least the delegates can send their smart phone photos for us to enjoy some of the real show!

I repeat it is NOT sour grapes on my part, just that no one knows the real story.

I am determined to find a photo of these poor kids from one our international friends and post it in a day or two give me a little leeway. If you have one let me know.


Anonymous said...

Only the President's photographer Sudath Silva and his team were allowed in.

So the unprofessional quality of those inside the hall, are the result of jokers who charge millions for exclusivity, when it could have been done FREE!

Anonymous said...

If we had a Right to Information Act
we would know exactly how much he was paid for this task. How much do you think?

Dulles please reply anonymously, as I know now that you are pissed off with your fellow ministers who are shitting on you for the pathetic organizational snafus, that they helped create.

Anonymous said...

it is an unfortunate two-tiered system, where the unfortunate rural Southern youth were forced to line the roads for the jet-setting youth who were wined and dined into the wee hours of the morning. and what did the rural youth get in exchange for their travails in the sun, heat, dust, and elements?

Anonymous said...

sad that the Master of Ceremonies was not from the many talented youth of Sri Lanka but a much older person. Elementary mistake surely!

Anonymous said...

How many people born in the Hambantota District were inside the Conference Hall? My guess at most 5 or is that too high?