Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally IT APPEARS that some sanity will prevail!

I have been critical in this blog about misuse of statistics and errors in their compilation from Internationally accepted norms. Recently an eminent economist Dr. Anila Dias Bandaranayake  (a former assistant Governor of the Central Bank and Director of Statistics there)  also recommend that the depart of Census and Statistics be Independent of the Ministry of Finance under which it currently is. If there is anyone who knows what she is talking about it would be her, and it is wise to accept her conclusions as being reliable.

SO I must express my surprise at the article I read today in the link below of the intention to change our system of calculating GDP to conform to internationally accepted norms.

I would like the reader to be skeptical about what they believe, by rationalizing the agendas of the various organizations that make their reports and come to their own conclusions. I have always asked my readers NOT to believe what I say, but Kalpanakaranna and make up their own minds.

So why are we as a population so gullible in believing crap fed to them by a grossly irrational Government bent on making up stories to justify their existence, who have made a profession of fooling their citizens with stories so tall, that acceptance by the public especially those who should know better “the highly educated” fall into the trap set for them, and are used as mouthpieces to extol the virtues of some of these flawed statistics to add weight to the Govt’s disinformation campaign.

I have quoted instance where the information put out is patently inaccurate but that does seem to phase some of the people who believe no matter what!!!!

Time to take a time out and check oneself, and begin to ask yourself how much of what I read, hear and see in Sri Lanka is manufactured and what is accurate. If you go through your own rationalization, and come to your conclusions, you would realize the level of duplicity you have been suckered into for so long.

I urge our fellow citizens to take stock of what is happening in Sri Lanka today, and in the interests of our future, try and work out what is right and wrong!  

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Anonymous said...

the easy way to deal with this issue is for someone to put their money where their mouth is and perform alternative calculations and debate them against the official figures. simple.

in the absence of alternatives, you must accept the official version or live in unscientific denial.

this is actually the problem of the political opposition in sri lanka also. they love to criticize but don't seem to offer anything better, that people believe