Friday, February 22, 2013

Why are we put through this mill again? – and why don’t our people rise up?

The international community is biting at the bit to begin the next stage of the UNHRC trial. How is it that our people have not been able to understand that it is because of the cowardice of our Leaders? It is because they have referred the blame for the international condemnation to the Tamil Diaspora, as it sounds credible to the domestic audience and further stand on Territorial Integrity to defend their right to prevent any interference of the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

It is because both these concepts while sounding credible are bankrupt ideals, in the context of the accusations. It is clear that the LLRC commission report was never going to be implemented, despite protestations by the Government of their commitment to do so. I believe no one in Sri Lanka is surprised at the turn of events, even though it is possible that our overseas friends and enemies had given us the benefit of the doubt. The Coming resolution against SL will be used as PR for the Govt. internal crises suppression to redirect against the UNHRC!

It is important to understand that active interference by the use of force is not foreseeable, being used only in extreme cases of conflict, which we are not currently engaged in. Indirect interference using Indian espionage however is already in existence. I referred to the R2P concept in the previous blog entry, as a justification for interference by outside parties, but it takes a while for that to be implemented and SL is nowhere near that point. However where we are near is the forces ganging up against Sri Lanka to destabilize our country, as we have acted in ways that direct interested countries to destabilize our economy due to our intransigence.

I maintain that our country is not diplomatically savvy in understanding the global dynamics, as our education system has not taught us to think through the consequences, and realize that every action has a reaction. We do not think of the reaction when we act. We have obviously shot ourselves straight from the ricochet of the bullet that we fired, which missed the target completely.

The Government has for a start appeared to make a heartening step of using Ruvinath our Ambassador to take charge of our response to the UNHRC demands, and to send experts in their respective fields to respond. Govt. ministers and officials do not behave in a civilized manner in international fora being more arrogant in a way they behave at home, which is not acceptable in diplomatic circles as acceptable behavior in resolving disputes. Again, due to poor planning, we take years to complete the job that could have been finished in a few months.


Anonymous said...

No such luck Mahinda Samarasinghe is going to lead the delegation yet again. Bound to fail again. What a shame?

Anonymous said...

We haven't solved this issue and never will as doing so would implicated senior leaders in the murder, torture, and assault on innocent civilians tamil, sinhala, and muslim.

The guilty are aware of their conduct, and know that if they let down their guard, that they will be finished.

They will not be able to keep this up forever and will eventually be hoist on their own petard.

In the mean time, the people of this country (fools) deserve to suffer for their conduct at the ballot box.