Monday, February 18, 2013

Moneragala – hive of crime courtesy of elected politicians and their kith and kin

The ruling UPFA MUST share most of the responsibility for the crime in that area and for the fact that it is the politicians and their kith and kin who are mostly responsible for the gravest of the crimes that relate to Sand Mining, Ganja Cultivation, Illegal Logging and other highly lucrative illegal activity.

It is the duty of the supposedly upright IGP (that is if he still is as upright as he was when he was appointed) not to give into pressure and transfer officers who are actually carrying out their duties in that area to the best of their ability. There are still officers within the Police Force who put country before Politicians and who are trying desperately to carry out the tasks legally entrusted to them.

A man such as DIG Latiff who was responsible for both the Badulla and Moneragala Districts has just been relieved of his duties in Moneragala. See link below:

His prosecution of illegal activity has resulted in some politicians, whose henchmen are the criminals, appealing to their patrons in Colombo to put weight on the IGP to get the diligent officer removed, neigh even prosecuted for doing his job properly. We do not want to live in a country where only Police who break the law are permitted to operate. We want a Police Force of competent incorruptible officers, which the President on innumerable occasions at passing out parades has called for amongst the officers. Let us follow those words with action.

It is time for these sick politicians to be outed and names plastered nationally as criminals and harboring criminals. It is up to the President to set an example, so that these scoundrels are brought to book and others who attempt or in the business of crime also desist knowing their time is now up and cannot hide under his sarong

It is time that people realize that if this government is capable of winning a war with the LTTE it surely is able to catch and prosecute a few too bit local goons without any fear. What is the point of making the country safe from LTTE terrorists when we cannot rely on the police force for our safety, believing them to be also criminalized? It is a joke and why people cannot see this irony is beyond my capacity to reason! The law must apply fairly to all. The Govt. or UPFA should not be immune from the laws applicable to all. It is as simple as that.

I know the general consensus of the population is that the law does not apply to Govt. representatives and wealthy. That illegality is considered acceptable or inevitable is rubber stamping daylight robbery and is the sign of a banana republic! We the civil society must keep up the pressure at the cost of our security to reestablish law and order where it has broken down as clearly shown here.


Anonymous said...

good shot! to score political points dig deeply into issues like this and repeat repeat repeat to anyone that will listen. eventually you'll get a big enough audience, and as you build your list of mis-deeds such as this, the change you seek will come...

what you must not do is let this issue, or others be forgotten. Make a list and keep repeating.

Anonymous said...

See also for a detailed article about the sordid state of moneragala, presided upon by another disgraced Rajapakse, this time Shasheendra both chief minister of Uva and also Private Sec of the President. So robbery and crime go all the way direct to the President. Any surprise I ask!!

Anonymous said...

New information confirming the involvement of Sumedha Jayesena in this. It is sad that this lady has been brought into the middle of this to protect some of her lying workers who said they did not know that the sand they were transporting was illegal, when they had been already convicted of the same crime before. So Sumedha you had better look for more trusted people who will tell you the truth.

Once burnt twice shy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to give the link to the previous entry

Anonymous said...

A wary reader will realize what is at the bottom of all this. There is now enough documentary evidence to show conclusive proof that Politicians of the UPFA have put undue pressure on honest police officers who have been compromised by the IGP.

The IGP if he is not happy with the situation MUST submit his resignation to the President saying he cannot operate with so many people calling him to intervene to save their backsides, and they all happen to be UPFA politicians.

The Onus will then be on the President to restore order and ensure that the law enforcement authorities are permitted to operate independently of pressure!