Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Evidence against KP! Then why spirit him out of Malaysia years ago? - how many billions did he pay off for this privilege?

KALPANAKARANNA – It is extensively reported in today’s newspapers. The news conference held by the Media Center for National Security yesterday, found nothing wrong in KP, the ex-head of the LTTE Arms Procurement Wing, who was seized in Malaysia and brought to Sri Lanka outside the justice system of that country, heading an NGO in Kilinochchi.

Apparently, there is no reason to hold him as there is NO evidence against him. Does that mean that being the Chief Arms Procurer of the LTTE and the International Wing Leader with access to the LTTE billions overseas is free to go?

I am speechless as I am sure every sensible person in Sri Lanka should be at this state of affairs. It is not as if he has been given a pardon for earlier crimes against the state or a similar let off for returning all the money under his purview.

It begs the question, did he pay off the powers with all the cash under his control, be they in Swiss Bank Accounts and other areas. Has this money been given to the state? I see no evidence of the accounting for this in any of the Government documents. Or more likely all the powers have been handsomely been paid in billions, blood money of the dead both here and overseas, from a person who in no small part contributed to the death of thousands of Citizens of Sri Lanka on both sides of the fence.

I deem that this is a wholly treacherous act on the part of the elected Government of Sri Lanka, and challenge the govt. to prove otherwise. Why did they go through all the trouble to seize him, if he is innocent? If he is guilty or if there is evidence as to his guilt why has that not been presented in a court of law? And further if he has been pardoned, what are the terms of that pardon. In short what is the hidden deal that has been struck?

For a government that is in bed with the LTTE literally now as there is no other way to put it, the challenge is now theirs to prove they are not sleeping with the enemy! For treacherous leaders of Sri Lanka to masquerade as patriots is an insult to the intelligence of Sri Lankan people.

There are too many unanswered questions; even the soft media did not question at the press conference, which was glibly and very cunningly treated lightly by the spokesman of the Government. This is serious stuff and we do not have people of sufficient spine to question treachery, when it stares us in the face. TAKE NOTE


Anonymous said...

the government that put a bullet in the head of prabakaran has carte blance in their dealings with the ltte remnants. this issue is a loser

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

If you believe they have carte blanche in dealing with remnants as you call them, then you clearly don't understand the gravity of the post LTTE excesses, in the name of your carte blanche.

If you are innocent and under fire for being falsely accused you will change your tune. It's is OK as long as you are not picked up.