Saturday, October 20, 2012

How do I change the profile of readers to my blog?

For whatever reason now with the new tools available for the blogs, the overwhelming majority of my readership on this blog that averages about 200 page views a day, come from the USA. I must say I do not wish to appeal to Sri Lankan expatriates in the US at all but to a local audience as much of what I write relates to local issues within Sri Lanka. However, either the reader in Sri Lanka is interested in completely different subjects or that the English speaking readership generally agrees with what I write, so is therefore not interested in reading something they already know, I do not have the answer to that question.

I have tried but singularly failed to find a good translator to translate what I write in my blogs to Sinhala and put it in a Sinhala blog, as I am sure as the blog readers in Sri Lanka mature, the audience will become predominantly Sinhala reading, and therefore I hope I will have a larger audience from which to draw my readers, assuming of course they wish to read what I write.

Many of the points I write about are of topics of the day that are relevant to people who wish to discuss issues of the day in a little bit more detail, and with some inputs of my own, which they can compare with theirs, if they have different opinions. I am open to other opinions, especially on many topics that do not have straight answers but a series of opinions on how to tackle grave issues of the day.

The topic I have covered at length in the last year here is on education, and it is a very important aspect that requires a lot of debate and discussion before formulating a policy on it. Opinions are many and new ideas enter the fray with the new teaching techniques that make learning easier, cheaper and more accessible to a greater population. Sadly in Sri Lanka whilst a lot of noise is made about the latest tools, little practical work is done to make it happen.

Getting back to the readers, the US based reader possibly finds the blog useful in keeping in touch with some of the goings on in the island viewed from a far away land. I know I often felt the need to keep in touch with information in Sri Lanka, when I lived overseas but initially I felt stifled as the newspaper sites those days gave very little real news that I wanted to read and decided when I returned to keep a journal type blog of the activities I was engaged in which resulted in the Rajaratarala  blog called Dream into Reality.

Sadly I have failed recently to keep posting to it as I have been too busy working to record what it is I actually do. I must make a conscious effort to change!!!

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Anonymous said...

i think the first thing to do is to see if there is a community out there of sinhala bloggers, or whether blogging is solely a colombo elite activity.

Not your blog, but i think many of the other sri lankan blogs are written by blow hards that only like to hear, or in this case see, themselves articulate thoughts, as heaven knows that they don't have any significant readership. Lord knows I don't read any of their blogs.

yours is the best, and we hope you keep it going!