Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What is the sticking point? It is time for resolution. The action has actually succeeded, however there is one clear issue that the public MUST appreciate. It is not the first time the Govt. promised and NOT delivered. That is what FUTA is afraid of, simply put. If the academics have suffered without wages for three months, more than the others in this game, they do not want to take what has been offered, as it is not binding. The govt. can renege on their promises at any time as these promises are not legally enforceable in the current system of tin pot judiciary which is not independent of the legislature or the executive.

We live in a state with no law and order. The people who are tasked to enforce the law, namely the police are tampered with when they try to abide by the law. Those who are tasked with passing judgment fear the legislators who appoint and fire them and sideline them, so they only act at their beck and call. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has not been appointed by an independent body, and is completely compromised by being a lackey of the president, or at least her husband is. So in this environment all the promises made to the Academics are worth zilch!

I believe the offer is now reasonable except for a real increase in the amount of funds allocated to capital improvement of the University system which is woefully lacking in basic facilities that are even worse than in some Colombo schools. I had a recent visit from two students from Wyamba University and just to listen how they manage to study under a system of inadequate resources, is a marvel in itself. I challenge our citizenry to go to the Universities and see what they have. Most faculties do not have classrooms to hold lectures, let alone other basic facilities. Little wonder, our graduates are useless. They only see laptops in shops, having never used one. We have kids going to private schools using lap tops and tablets at schools are way ahead of their state school competitors with a huge head start in the stakes of life.

Sri Lanka is not a poor country anymore, however when Rs290B is allocated to defense and UDA and about Rs30B to Tertiary education, something is seriously out of whack and why don’t the powers see it? Simply put it is Ghotabaya who gets the Rs290B and some third rate (as they see it) Johnny is the minister of higher education who cannot be trusted with anyone’s woman.

It is time we realize that telling the truth counts and lies don’t work any longer. This can only change when people actually learn not to be taken for a ride. That only comes from education, and that is what we are fighting for – a circle of life!!! 

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