Saturday, June 11, 2011

The great employment mismatch - required skills vs what is on offer

I just received 15 applications for jobs to review and place. Sadly they are so badly prepared I would just throw them all in the dustbin as none of them gives me any indication as to the capability or genuine ambition of the applicant.

If I start with the basic data, most of the application is just giving the name add, phone email, age and ID no along with line by line of the grades for A levels and O levels and if they have done any further exams or courses in IT the names of those courses.

I am then left to surmise the capability of these people, some of whom show no work experience since doing their A levels 5 years ago. Have they been sitting at home twiddling their thumbs all this time? Surely not! Is this the state of educated youth?

The unemployment level of unskilled and those only educated up to O level with not even a satisfactory result at O level is minimal. They can get jobs as machine operators at various industries paying as much as Rs17K a month. These educated applicants on the other hand DO NOT want factory jobs, but instead want office jobs paying around Rs12K hardly a living wage after being at home for a good part of their healthy life when they should have occupied themselves doing something productive.

When you ask them why they have not done anything productive until they found a job they actually want, they just look blank! as if you asked them a rude question. It is important when a prospective employer interviews you to be able to answer the simple question, of "what have you done in the period since you sat your A levels, or since you got your degree?" Only someone who can give a confident answer showing initiative is worthy of being offered a job. Can someone contradict me if I am wrong here?

If this is indicative of our society, where mothers and fathers are going around desperately looking for jobs for their 25+ kids then we live in a very sad society. These applications came from the parents asking for help in getting jobs for their kids, as they do not even have the confidence to apply in person or go see someone with the job request. Ironically the unskilled are more confident and even search after jobs more diligently than the educated.

So for a start stop educating our youngsters and then we will probably be able to employ them gainfully. I am proposing to start a week long training course in the art of empowering the young to find jobs, and complete job applications correctly giving the prospective employer a chance of understanding the applicants goals more clearly. I am looking for motivational speakers who can give some of their time voluntarily to help them.

The state only talks about employing unemployed graduates of this attitude. God help this country if the state fills their vacancies with this mob of unambitious "Mama Titties!"


Magerata said...

It will be really good for the country if you can pull off the seminar. They really need to learn about finishing touches for their resumes, I have seen a few.
Aside from that I hope you are getting better. Please drop a line on your other blogs too! THX

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very important initiative.

You should first give a resume template and get them to craft a proper document.

Then write coverletters and have mock interviews. Also unpaid interships must be encouraged to gain experience.

If you are successful in getting someone a job, tell that person to come and coach other applicants.

There is so much to be done in this field. Just teaching people basic professionalism which is absent from even the most senior government officials.

Good luck!

Jack Point said...

The education system has been ruined by the interference of the state, what you see are the results of what has been achieved since independence: the take over of schools, changing the medium of instruction and standardisation.

Changing the medium of instruction drove out many good teachers which was made even worse by the lack of books in swabasha.

Anonymous said...

It was telling in a recent report how a Japanese owned BOI company in the Biyagama Free Trade Zone could not find local youth for the vacancies as they did not want jobs in the manufacturing sector and so they had to recruit from the Eastern Province and provide boarding accommodation.