Sunday, June 5, 2011

The strange silence behind Ranil's India visit this week

Ranil the leader of the Opposition was called to India (as opposed to GL seeking meetings and the resulting loss of face)for amongst others to meet with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Congress Party, Sonia Ghandhi. The only news item on the visit was one taken from the Chennai airport where he was expected to meet with the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nad, Jayalalitha.

He returned on Wednesday the 1st of June, as I was at a press conference at the JSS building where he spoke about the Pensions Bill, the Leadership Training for prospective University Students, the University Teachers Salary anomalies and the death by Police firing of a 21 year old FTZ worker at Katunayaka.

Nothing was mentioned then or since about his India visit, which is very perplexing. The press conference did not include a question and answer session by journalists, as it was primarily to welcome Law Students to take an active part in justice and upholding the law in an increasingly lawless state, lawlessness coming from the ruling powers.

Did he in fact meet with the PM? If so what was discussed? Why is no newspaper asking any questions? These are the questions one must ask of the increasingly incompetent state of journalism in Sri Lanka today. Is it that journalists only report what they are given and do not have an objective opinion? If that is the case we need to educate future journalists, and empower them to be true voices for the people with proper journalistic ethics.

Are there any journalists out there who wish to answer these simple questions?

Are we in for a carefully crafted bombshell news conference arising from this visit? I rather doubt it!

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