Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Azwer insults our intelligence and make a mockery of Parliament

Why is there no outrage when an MP can use his parliamentary privilege to insult this country? AHM Azwer MP said in Parliament on Tuesday 21st June 2011 that LTTE leader Prabhakaran's wife and children are safe and sound and being looked after by President Rajapaksa.

3 people asked me today if this was true, as it was said in Parliament and extensively reported in the print Media. I was so amazed at the level of acceptance in this country of what people especially MPs say. A joker of an MP like that who makes a mockery of his position and in a country where the speaker cannot ask him to withdraw such outrageous and erroneous statements, makes me very ashamed of our leadership.

Should the newspapers report such balderdash without reservation, or should they opine on this statement so that they can put the record straight. They should at the same time state that this person is a joker who only uses parliament to sing praises of his leader and he must honestly have thought he was doing his leader a great service by such utterances. The libel laws probably prevent the press from calling him the joker in parliament and disregard what he says.

I hope at least the leader in his usual manner thrashed this kind of sycophant and hounded him out of Temple Trees. However I rather think not. He probably like to think that they are alive rather than accept the brutality of the killing.

Need I say more on the state of business in this Republic!


Patta Pal said...

At about the time you were writing your blog article, he was being hounded by the opposition for what he said the previous day. It is a joke to have people like that in parliament but then again who is power and look at the motley fools there. Azwer was a national list nominee making the choice even more bizarre.

It says something about the person who put him there, a dead head will only appoint a deader head! lest he be upstaged.

Anonymous said...

He is indeed a joker and insane. He was in the news recently asking parliamentarians not to use the word Ura(Pig) in the parliament .JVP MPs was questioning move taken by the Department of Wildlife to change the name of Val Aliya(Wild Elephant) into Vana Aliya . The JVP MPs asked whether the name Val Ura (Wild Boar) should also be changed into Vana Ura . Then this stupid guy asked MPs to refrain from using the name Ura in the parliament. He makes entire Muslim community into disrepute by these types jokes.