Saturday, June 4, 2011

New IGP 'Uphold and Enforce the Law'

It is apparent to every policeman in Sri Lanka today, that orders came from the top, when the shit hit the fan, all the blame was laid squarely at their officers. The Government is unequivocal about the fact that the police were to blame for the recent incident at Katunayaka. It is time they are protected from needless blame.

So if you have any self respect Mr IGP please realize that whilst enforcing and upholding the law, you will not be blamed for something you did not do. You have only one course of action. When you are ordered by your superiors to break the law, refuse to do so. If you are fired, take it up with the courts. That is a far safer option than getting into a mess you cannot get out of when your protector deserts you. I cannot find anyone who believes that Mahinda Balasuriya resigned to take the blame, as he was going on leave prior to retirement anyway. He may even be rewarded for the killings with an Ambassadorial post!

Even though the Judiciary is not impartial now, your act of upholding the law will immediately give a message and example to the judiciary that it is that body then that will be the center of attention. The moment a decision by the court that is clearly biased is made, they will lose so much credibility, that next time just to save face they will act independently risking the ire of the Government.

Once they are then seen to be independent, the sudden change that will take place will be electric, and we can then take our country back to the people who live there. This will result in a huge boost to the economy and benefit to the nation.

It is not tax breaks or incentives that increase investment, only the rule of law its enforcement and the knowledge that an independent judiciary will apply the law impartially, that matters. I don't want to invest in Sri Lanka if I believe that my investment is not safeguarded by an independent Judiciary.


Anonymous said...

The government is doing a good job of laying the blame squarely on the police.

The police should finally realize that they have been sold down the river and in future be impartial.

The opposition is not doing enough to explain this duplicity

Anonymous said...

I am given to understand that this was planned in advance by the police, with many brought from police stations as far away as Puttalam. They had no idea what they were supposed to do until the last minute when they were asked to attack with all the resources available and beat up anyone and everyone mercilessly.

I hope that the normal practice of beating up people who the police believe are suspects in order to get a confession will get a public airing. From my understanding this practice of beating was started by the British who established the Police force and they were all led by Britons and the Natives! were asked to do their dirty work.

That of course does not excuse current behaviour, just explains the practice that has changed little despite the human rights guidelines.

Anonymous said...

police brutality is bad and should be condemned.

I am however happy to live in a relatively safe country where we can all loaf around at night and day without fear of something too adverse happening to us.

I thank the police and security forces for that.

Please report the good and the bad as the blog, which I have enjoyed reading for a long time, seems to be straying too far into a political hack job blog rather than something we consider to be a fair airing of issues.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

I am sorry you feel that way but that is your opinion and I have to express mine as I see it.

I personally feel less safe now than during the time of the heightened threats as there are thugs on the streets wielding sticks in Colombo 7, something no one would have dared during the high security times.

Each person has to make up their own mind about their individual views based on personal experience.

After I was nearly killed by a wayward police vehicle providing security to a Cabinet Minister, and discovered the extent of uncompensated victims I have a different opinion.

I still cannot walk after 4 months and have suffered immensely as a result. Perhaps if you have to face the same experience you may also have a different opinion.

We just grow with experience and our opinions evolve, we must express how we truly feel, otherwise it is all fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your point, and respect your opinions -- that's why i read the blog!

However, in the case of your accident, who do you place the blame upon? Is it the cabinet minister who wasn't there during the accident or the driver of the vehicle (ie the government or the person who committed the act?)

If a facilitating environment is in place to commit such acts, it is a fault of the government, however in the bigger picture, do you really think the government is out to rape and plunder the general public?

Are the thugs you speak about in Colombo 7 still present? Did they do any damage when they were there?

Anonymous said...

Most people spend busy lives and are wrapped up in trying to run their routine affairs. Questions on policy and bigger things take a back seat until it affects them directly.

I am glad you are taking the initiative to try and enlighten others to the problems and issues that demand our attention, but are often brushed aside because we have no time.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

With regard to my accident, the Govt. should take steps to ensure the rights of victims of accidents are also taken into account.
a) Insurance of vehicles so one can claim some compensation from the purpetrator, as this was clearly the fault of a careless driver
b) The minister should also be held liable to ensure he takes reasonable steps to ensure that the vehicles are roadworthy, and if his 30yr old back up vehicle cannot keep pace with is new Discovery, tell the vehicle to come at a controllable speed or for his to have his vehicle driven at a lower speed.
c) Unless there is culpability there is no care. How therefore you do explain 2500 uncompensated victims of carelessness of convoys as their not held accountable.

It is only when you are hit accidentally and know there is nothing (no compensation or redress)you can do when you realize there is something wrong with the system.

Lets hope it does not have to get to that stage for you to realize my point.

On the issue of the thugs with sticks; i am surprised that you want an incident before you can cast judgement. Surely in a civilized country people who are inebriated should not descend out of 8 buses with sticks without being arrested for disturbing the peace at least!!

If you are surprised at my point then you clearly view this as an acceptable phenomenon. God help SL if that is the generally accepted opinion!