Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Government just needs to do just one thing. Grow this economy. So how can they do that? Simple – read on:

The economy can grow ONLY when Companies can increase their production.

It is NOT by giving jobs to more Government Servants, where you have to tax people more to pay for them, or borrow money to pay their salaries, which we are doing, and not supplying the labor for the companies so desperate for them to grow their businesses. More jobs and income means more growth.

So what should they do for the next year? We are all agreed that the Govt. is currently non-performing, in the sense that nothing is happening till the next election in 2020. We are in short on a stationary state, in a stupor.

So how about giving the 100 Ministers just one job, find more people to fill the vacancies, that is all. They are after all the people’s representatives who know everyone in the Country, or at least they say they do. So send them all around the Country to find the bodies to fill the vacancies. Able and willing that is.

Just ask any HR manager, the trouble they go to find good people. If the Ministers and MPs take this task to heart, we can at least fill the shortages, get the economy spurring along and hopefully on election day, say “they have found jobs for everyone who wants to work, for the first time in our history”, and then get the people to vote for them.

Thus there is a slim chance of redeeming themselves before the next election or face a humiliating loss, which they are preparing themselves for in the back of their minds. It does not have to be so, if they put all their energies into doing something positive for the people, and they automatically do something positive for the businesses, and so it is a win win scenario. INSTEAD MOST OF THE SELF SAME CULPRITS HAVE BEGUN THE FULL TIME JOB OF COLLECTING MONEY, BY FAIR MEANS OR FOUL TO FUND THEIR INEVITABLY LOSING ELECTION CAMPAIGN. So isn't this a more productive way to spend your time, which has a greater likelihood of yielding a better result?

If they fail to heed this advice, it is sheer pig headedness at play here, where they believe they know what is right, they don’t listen to anyone’s advice, as they believe everyone is flawed and all have an agenda, just because they too have an agenda. They don’t believe that there are people in this Country who only have one agenda, that is the wellbeing of the people who live in this Island, and who want to retain the best people here, instead of chasing them out as fast as they can leave, for pastures anew. Every government is guilty of chasing the best Sri Lankans out of this Country due to their Island mentality thinking that has stymied any progress and development, that allows people to improve their lives with their own hard work, in short a meritocracy.

We must retain the entrepreneurial spirit, not chase it and if we don’t fill the skill shortages that exist as a top priority there is no future worth discussing.


Anonymous said...

the people come to the ministers seeking government jobs and jobs abroad. they simply won't take the vacancies as they are beneath these job seekers! immigrants are the only answer. let those job seeking Lankans immigrate out to the Middle East and Europe and bring in immigrants from somewhere else like Bangladesh on working passes to fill the vacancies. it's the only way!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't there be a surplus of new labor released to the market since the end of the war in the form of former soldiers AS WELL AS Tamils of the north and east who couldn't engage in much productive investment and activity? what is the status of all of these people? does anyone in Colombo have a clue or care to integrate them into the economy? the economy should be growing at a much faster clip if these people were being productive!! this should be a very low hanging fruit but we seem to have bungled this too with our head in the sand!

Anonymous said...

Yes every extra person in a job increases the GDP of a country if they add to the production, Agriculture, Industry or Services, without taking away from taxes to pay for Govt. Servants. So to get the underemployed, and not working out of home to work in the private sector when all they want is a Govt. Job that leeches this economy like crazy is a difficult proposition for elected officials who only look at public sector to satisfy their constituency cravings

Anonymous said...

If 100 United Front MP's find 2,000 people each to fill vacancies currently existing, then at average wage in Construction of Rs30K a month, (construction alone has over 300,000 vacancies today) it increases GDP by Rs108 Billion yes that's right. So this amount added circulation will create another 100,000 jobs automatically, or at least increase other business output, and so with the multiplier affect add another Rs100B to the GDP as it goes to the high consumption sector, those currently not working.

This is an immediate boost of between 5% and 8% to the Economy. A realistic proposition if these so called people's reps can actually perform, or find people. If they cannot then we should declare FULL EMPLOYMENT and force Government Servants to retrain in the private sector to boost the economy.

Anonymous said...

For 70 years the Governments have concentrated on providing jobs, now it is a different scenario, but the Govt. is still in the old mindset of needing to find jobs. They are mad, they should concentrate on finding people for the existing jobs, not trying to entice FDI when there are no people wanting to work in the new companies created. No wonder there is no FDI. Foreigners are smarter, they have looked at the picture and will invest in countries that have labor, we don't have willing people.

Contradictions are Govt. jobs have thousands of applicants, foreign jobs have thousands of applicants. Local private sector jobs have NO applicants.Its all called perception. That has to change

Nanda Wanninayaka said...

Eran is right to "import" a dynamic workforce so that locals could learn from the best and upgrade themselves. But do you think the GMOA and the JVP would let that happen? There won't be any change of course in the country till these two national menaces are sent to the dustbin of the history.