Tuesday, June 19, 2018

As we damn Trump for his removal of infants from mothers’ arms at the border, have we honestly considered what we will do when the inevitable happens here!

It is only a matter of time, when poverty, hunger, rising sea levels, force the South Asian Poor living on the coasts of the Indian Ocean, onto boats of questionable quality. Where do they drift into? Sri Lanka of course. Hundreds of thousands of people will land on our shores, in around 20 years, and no one is even making plans for that.

How will our citizens react? Will they be welcoming? Or will they chase the boats away? What if the people start swimming ashore? Will we shoot them on arrival? If the furor of 30 Rohingyas, who were temporarily given sanctuary until their paperwork was processed for onward resettlement, was anything to go by, in today’s context I can be sure it is the gun that these people face.

They are fleeing for survival, so they will be prepared to face the gun, as they have no alternative but to land on our shores, when rising sea levels displace them. We are the last outpost before the Antarctic, and by that time the Maldives would have disappeared. Their people being absorbed by?

So unlike Trump, who is using this threat and example to prevent the hoardes of Central Americans lined up in the Mexican border from entering the US, our actually shooting them dead will not prevent a million or two coming to Sri Lanka, with no other country willing to give them refuge.

Don’t forget by then 10% of the population of Europe would be African Migrants, so they will have taken about 40Million people, absorbing them into their countries that have a declining population anyway.

We must plan for this now, forget about preserving the pure race, and get organized to absorb these people, into productive livelihoods the moment they arrive. I know people reading this must either think I am mad, living in dreamland or simply seeking attention. That’s OK, because when someone comes across this blog 20 years from now, and sees this, that is (THEN) when they will curse us for not planning for it in advance.

We in Sri Lanka need at least a 20 year lead time to plan, as we are very slow off the mark in anything, as we don’t see what is ahead of us or in front of us. So it is better to organize ourselves for the inevitable. After all what is wrong? We will have at least 4 million Sri Lankan born or their first generation living in other countries by then, as they have voted with their feet and left this Country, because they don’t see a future here. Any guesses why?
Why not absorb 2 million boat people into our society, and make them useful citizens on day one, instead of putting them in prisons, to rot and feed and die and wait for a third country to take them if there are any willing to do so? A fleeing human is the most productive person on earth, you better believe it.

By this time Port City will be full with buildings, and desperately short of workers to work in the companies that are established there. If Tata India decide to put their world HQ in the Port City, they need qualified people. SO, we need to have trained people to take those roles, but our best have deserted us.

Immigration is the key to a Country’s survival, not its destruction. The US was built on immigration, so was Australia, Canada and to a large extent even today’s UK & Germany (with highest immigrant populations in Europe proportionatly) have been the engine of Growth, because of immigration.

First step, is to immediately beef up the Coast Guard and the SL Navy. In fact the Navy should have 80% of DEFENCE SPENDING. Yes 80% and the army reduced to nothing, releasing all the able bodied people to contribute to the economy. We need good ships, and sailors. The defence of the Country, internally does not need an army, the drone techonology can do that very easily, but it is more difficult to protect our fishing rights, (100 times the surface area of the Country in the Indian Ocean) and to protect smuggling mainly of drugs, and then be able to orderly handle the boat people in 20 years time.

We do not catch even 5% of our fish, and we are still dependent on poor fisherman for high fish prices (protein) and so are importing 20 Containers a day of tinned fish, some of it fished from our own waters. We don’t have efficient large trawlers to catch fish that others are fishing. Why? Because many in the Government have sold fishing rights to foreign countries or companies to fatten their belts and pockets, so that they can safely spirit their families in luxury to Australia or any other country of their imagination.

It is clear that our Leaders do not have the vision of seeing that which is inevitable, as they are worried about lining their pockets for the next election, and to send their kids to settle abroad, first by givin them an education and then buying their life with homes and businesses from ill gotten gains in Sri Lanka.

I want to repeat, this projection is INEVITABLE. If 3 million citizens have said good bye to Sri Lanka and left our shores, then what is the problem in saying welcome to Sri Lanka for two million more? Our GDP is dropping because of it

We can no longer think Nationally as many have taken everything from here and left us. We must think globally to welcome those who want to live here.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to 21st and 22nd Century reality, you Lankans still living under a 2,500 year old civilization.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is easy to criticize others, consider how you will behave if the Rohingyas come here in numbers we cannot handle, what will you do? This may happen sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

This will be the best thing to happen to Sri Lanka. Look at it in a positive way. Boat people are usually younger. By 2050, we will have too many old people, all who have worked very hard in their lives, replaced by young people who are so lazy no one will want to work. You only have to look at the youth today, the lazy remain, in Sri Lanka, and the hard working leave this Country as they don't have a place here.

So at least these people will work in our economy and re build it after it has been destroyed.
I was beginning to despair what will happen in 2050, when the economy collapses with no people. What a relief for Sri Lanka let us begin to prepare for it, from now

Anonymous said...

Some of the biggest Trump supporters are Sri Lankans who have left Sri Lanka, for greener pastures and who agree with this policy of deterrence. So similarly they are the biggest supporters of Sinhala Buddhism who will send money for guns to kill the boat people who arrive on our shores, worried that the pure race will be diluted, even though by their departure, we need human being desperately to do the work here. There is a severe labor shortage as it is, too many priests in Temples doing bugger all, rousing hatred

Anonymous said...

That bugger Trump is a real disruptor in chief isn't he?

At least it is always good for us to be taken out of our comfort zone, to think how we will react if faced with the same phenomenon, as Sri Lankan are more racist than Americans in allowing people to come and work here, let alone live here, even when they are not taking a job from a local and in fact doing a lot to contribute to this country.

Anonymous said...

immigrants will be the only fix for Sri Lanka's economy and aging population. how can the welfare benefits keep flowing when there are no workers and industries to tax??

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

Don't get me wrong. I am not prohibiting people from leaving this Country for permanent or temporary abode overseas; that is to about 5 million in both categories over the past 70 years. They have every right to go where they please.

So why are we so concerned about people who are able to work coming here to work if they are given the job and are willing to work under the conditions we given them. (wages and other benefits) if we don't have people at equivalent level to do the same?

With our population curve being that of a developed nation, we have a smaller pool of entrants into the workforce to support a larger ageing population, which will create a further squeeze later on.

I came back after 33 years overseas, and I am old, but I work harder than many people half my age, so if every one did that we will not have a problem. As they don't we do have a problem.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to wait that long. The Rajapakses brought the Chinese here. They now have such a taste for Sri Lanka, they are here for the long term.

With their money and their people who come to work on their projects as there are no local people willing to work like them, soon we will have Chinese as the largest minority who will buy up everything in sight.

Compared to the ravaged China this is a true paradise for them and all the Sri Lankans here will only be their drivers and maids, and if we are too lazy for that they will even bring them down from China.

I am sorry we have already sealed our fate. We don't have money and we don't have workers we only have lotus eaters who want to live under the tree and meditate and hope they will go to Nirvana, but with the alcohol fix they need every evening.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

COINCIDENTALLY - I just noticed an article in the business section of the Daily Mirror of 19th June, but I could not find a link in their website.

It is called " A storm of climate change migration is brewing in South Asia" and I quote from a passage therein.

"In Bangladesh alone, 15million people are expected to be displaced due to the environmental degradation of the country's coastal zone. The bulk of the climate induced migration has involved the most vulnerable.

The major migration corridors of South Asia hitherto has been Bangladesh- India, India- Pakistan, Nepal- India. In 2015, more than 85% of migrants in SA originated from other countries in the region. In India there are 3,230,025 migrants from Bangladesh and 810,172 migrants from Nepal. Pakistan has 2,326,275 Afghan Migrants....... climate change has remained largely invisible in discussions about migration."

SO what did I say? Sri Lanka make no bones about it you are next, you had better be prepared for it, rather than say no way Jose!!!
So act now as I say to make plans, and don't get caught with your pants down when they come. Hence the need for a more professional and independent Coast Guard Service.

Hell why do I have to remind this Government of their responsibilities? Don't they know it already, but then again knowing the suspects, they are clueless!

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah a refugee or a would be surgeon? Never under estimate the value of refugees, and asylum seekers, they are often of better stock of those determined to succeed than natives. The USA is proof after all, the Pilgrim Fathers were refugees too!