Monday, June 11, 2018

The Chinese are no fools. They are not paying because SL is balking at the terms of the agreement.

It is hilarious that the Sri Lanka media are reporting some bunkum about entertainment zones in Hambantota that the Chinese want. The Chinese are simply balking at paying the next installment as part of the agreement as Sri Lanka has NOT kept their part of the bargain. As usual some donkeys who don’t know anything about agreements represented the Sri Lanka side and it is their mistakes that are being played out in the open.

After all it was the SLPA who had erred in the dispute with Laugfs, and not the Chinese about the pipleline that Laugfs has agreed with the SLPA to build. In the Chinese Agreement with the SLPA this deal with Laugfs does not figure. So why should the Chinese agree to something outside this agreement and they are not doing anything outside of what they have agreed to.

It was the fault of Laugfs, for not ensuring their new agreement with the SLPA was built into the agreement SLPA signed with the Chinese Company, as it had not, then the Chinese were perfectly within their rights in enforcing the agreement.

It is a similar issue here. The SL govt. is not represented by people with even an ounce of brains, and neither is the President advised by similar ilk. I can accept that the President does not understand a thing. However he should be advised by people who do, and in this instance, it is tough if he does not like the agreement now and tries to blame it on the Ranil Wickremasinghe agreement.

Now we have civil society groups shouting about entertainment zones. Well mark my words, there are going to be casinos and incredible entertainment zones in the Port City and no one in Sri Lanka can do anything about it.

Anyway why are we playing double standards when we are a society of gamblers. Just look the three wheeler drivers whiling away their time, playing games of chance that are illegal, so what is this bull shit about Casinos. The whole Country is a Casino for crying out loud.

If corruption is not a casino what is? After all people with money buy their influence as they are hoping to hit the jackpot. So all they have to do is give a Rs5M bribe for example to make Rs500M. that is the way everything is done in Sri Lanka and there is nothing new.

The chinese are businessmen. They will not do anything that does not benefit them, and we simply have not understood it yet. What ever Mahinda Rajapakse says for public consumption, he sold the Country long ago to the Chinese by entertaining the whole Port City Project and what ever the Ranil Wickremasinghe / Sirisena Government said about re-negotiation is simply a smoke and mirrors, for public consumption. So now these agreements cannot be changed, and normal rules of international law apply when or if Sri Lanka breaks agreements, It is written into the agreement, with whom the arbitration takes place.

So I implore the leaders of this country today, in the past, and in the future to make agreements that make sense to the Country and not just to their prestige, which all agreements seem to be made of. We don’t use smart people to act on our behalf anyway, and the intellectually challenged people who represent Sri Lanka are showing their true colors yet again by the poor drafting of the agreement that left so much in the open to interpretation that the Chinese are interpreting fairly in the absence of clarity.

Wo be told that they are running rings round us because they employ the best Sri Lankan lawyers to act on their behalf, while the Sri Lankan Government both this and the past, have used hopeless incompetent buffoons to represent the interests of the Country due to the inability of the leaders to choose people with intellect, and only give these tasks to yes men who fail the Country big time and don’t tell it as it should be.

It is important to tell the truth. MR did not want anyone to tell the truth, only to tell what he wanted to hear. It seems that Sirisena is making the same mistake and Sri Lanka is paying the heavy price for this poor judgement.

We have leaders who cannot be told they are out of their league in this globalized world and until Sri Lanka is managed by professionals and not by fools as it currently is constituted, we don’t have a chance in hell of getting out of the mess we have made for our selves. So help us God.

We constantly make the same mistakes and we don’t learn. Why? It is simply because those we have elected don’t have the ability that is needed to compete in this globalized world. So we shut our doors to all foreigners and don’t let our people leave, or we learn to live and prosper in the globalized world.

For former, it is OK for the nodding donkeys in power to remain playing musical chairs. If we want the globalized option we want the best, and they are in Sri Lanka we just have to pass the mantle to them and get rid of the 10,000 people’s representatives littering the country.

So simple get rid of everyone who holds elected office and we can do no wrong.


Anonymous said...

I have just been made aware that the President is now saying he does not want to give them the mad made islands that the Chinese actually made in the Hambantota Port. It was part of the Port Deal and the President wants to change the deal, presumably because some joker in this advisory board told him some story about them wanting an entertainment zone like Macau there, so the passing cruise ships can dock and have a load of fun.

So it was a lie created by the President which was fed to the gullible press for public consumption, knowing they will create a fuss due to their two faced attitudes.

You can imagine the fury of the Chinese when agreements are broken like this by twits. I would be mad myself if that happened to me. So all they can do is with hold their payment of US$585 next tranche until the matter is resolved.

What I want to know is how much the lawyers whose fault it was in the first place to draft agreements that China is using to their benefit, are going to charge? Why are we paying so much for incompetent legal advice? I would employ a bright foreign lawyer to act on our behalf if these people are just high priced fools that have fooled the Govt. for so long.

Anonymous said...

We are the only country where the lawyers charge what they please but they don't give value for money for what they charge. It is sad as this is the only profession where people rarely leave this country for better position or job overseas, as they can screw everyone at will.

It is sad then that it is their own country they are letting down here, due to their incompetence, and I hope the message goes loud and clear to the profession to take a stand and pull up the bad eggs if they are to truly have a profession of ethics and ability.

At present they are no more than vermin, that has to be exterminated.