Thursday, May 24, 2018

When desperation sets in anything is possible – including the imagination running RIOT!

I know what desperation and frustration with the Country’s progress can mean to us who are genuinely concerned about our future, not for our lifetime, but for those who are yet to be born.

Everyone I speak to echoes the same sentiments, but fails to find an answer, usually being “nothing can save Sri Lanka from itself” due to the mindset of her leaders, whose very existence is their survival and not the Country’s.

So it is not surprising that a few commentators have decided to come out with plausible/implausible (depending on your outlook in life) solutions, one of which is the recent prognostications of the rise of Kumar Sangakkara, as he is one who is known to all, but on whom nothing unfavorable has even scraped him! 

Frankly, there is no one under 40 in this Country who commands the respect of so many, is known to all, and whose Brand is untarnished, but who has not put his hat in this ring, or even intimated for a moment of doing so.

I have of course mooted this about 6 years ago, (as I wanted a leader under 35) and I am trying to fish out the article in this blog, where I had alluded to that anyway, due to my utter frustration with the status quo. The fact that this suggestion is coming again does not surprise me, but if I were Kumar, I would be tight lipped at present, as there is a time and place when service to the nation is a requirement to save it from itself, due to political suicide of all the others, who currently occupy this space.

In my personal opinion the invective can be so hurtful, especially when you have done nothing wrong, I would keep out of the ring, with not  turn in that direction, but wait for matters to unfold. Time and place are better than putting one’s foot in it.

At the same time, have plan B in position and build a Policy Proposition, and feel free to take any of the 1,000 ideas contained within this blog to choose from, as they have all been put there with NO ulterior or personal motive on my part, and is open to anyone to adopt, refine and amend according to one’s own predilection.

If there is a unanimous cry for your help, then present this Policy Document as the condition on which you would consider a one term, guardianship of Country, to see it through its worst, and gently ease away, picking a team of like minded to follow and do likewise under a plan of succession and vision of one multicultural nation, rejoicing in diversity.

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Anonymous said...

John F Kennedy in his inauguration speech said "Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country"

Kumar, unfortunately the voter does not understand English, nor do they want to learn English, nor do they like anyone who can speak English, and until that changes, they have a problem grasping right from wrong, as in the Sinhala language, 'dharmishta samajaya' means let the corrupt rule!