Thursday, May 31, 2018

A road less traveled is a road re-discovered

I just wonder if anyone on my friend list has traveled on a road that is in all maps, but has no signage and saves 80km at least if compared to travel on tarmac. I discovered it a few days ago, just by chance when I was looking for a way to get to a point, without having to go round.

There is an old road, used daily over 50 years ago, but not used at all now, through forest and fields and tanks, which I would recommend for a cycling trip or a ramble or rumble in the jungle, for those with adventure in mind.

Apart from traces of poachers, tree cutters, sand miners, there were no other signs of humanity along the way. I am sure it was a long time since anyone had even been on that road, as we had to cut fallen trees across the road, to find a way through.

So where is this, you may ask? It is a road from Aluthwewa, about 20km from my place in Ratmale that ends at Horowopathana, about 40km away. Just take a map and you will see it. Incongruously, it is at least a 20ft wide road, with well-built culverts, and must have been tarmac at some time in the past. This could form a day trip push cycle ride, through clean lungs of trees, and quiet winds blowing, with the chance of spotting a few animals and birds darting across if they so desire to show themselves to you.

I show in the pics some of the sights on the way on that road, I believe, most of it belonging to the Forest Department, but as always, they must be short of funds to protect our heritage, and forest cover, so they don’t seem to be able to patrol it at least once a month.

Now some of you will be mad at me for even pointing this gem of a road in the first place, saying let sleeping dinosaurs rest in peace and don’t disturb their tranquility by publicity.

On my way home at night I mentioned this to one of my neighbors, who said that 50 years ago, he and his friends regularly traversed this route on push cycles to go to Horowopothana and back for camping and fun as lads do, then and I suppose not anymore now, as great big SUVs have taken the thrill of clean air, and the great outdoors.

If you prefer to go only half way to begin with you can just go up to Dematawewa, where most of the photos were taken, just to enjoy a good bathe amongst beauty, in a place that possibly none of you have ever been to. There are still places left to explore, if you don’t fear the unknown.

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious in Sri Lanka that an independent body, a trust if you will, of professionals have authority over the complete gamut of biodiversity assets, in Sri Lanka. So politicians will not henceforth be able to play political football with it.

Don't forget that if we don't protect this aspect of our lives, we don't have a future for the Country, no matter what race or religion you are trying to push to be number 1!