Tuesday, January 9, 2018

When everyone I know, who cares about Sri Lanka, thinks this election is a joke, why doesn’t every voter go to the ballot box and spoil their vote?

Those intelligent enough to grasp the reality, know that these elections are another nail in the coffin of sanity, in doubling the number of Members of the local councils to nearly 9,000. As it is, we are over politicized and NO ONE doubts that, to honestly entertain a doubling is sheer lunacy. YET no one is agitating against it, or castigating the cast of characters who allowed such an Act to pass in Parliament.

So no one holds the blame for the impending catastrophe, is willing to accept the blame, or even thinks it will lead to the breakdown of the whole political system. It’s this sheer ignorance, that is baffling, and on the other hand the elector continues to complain that the system is rotten, yet still goes and votes for the same rotten mix of people, swinging the vote from one set of rogues to another, and both sets of rogues therefore share in the spoils, due to the failure of the electors/voters to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The campaigning is in full progress, with lies at the helm of every mouth. Every promise is a broken promise and none of the cast of characters are talking about local issues as they relate to the voter, only national issues that don’t mean jack shit in this election, but are the main purposes as noted by the leaders.

For example, the joint opposition, of the MR camp is claiming this is a plebiscite on the popularity of the Govt! What a shame then? No one is voting for better local govt, instead, merely on how they feel about the Government in power, or to put it simply the coalition in power, with each party contesting individually, hoping they together will be able to control most of the local councils, and assert they won the elections, while the JO may gain more votes and make the same claim!

Might I remind the voter that in this morass, it is a disgrace that local worthies are NOT allowed to put their hat in the ring and seek election, as individuals are BARRED from seeking election from their own Ward, they have to contest a whole Council with a slate of candidates on TWO lists, and that is NOT practical for a good man or woman who wants to do something for their local community.

Put simply, there is NO democracy in this election, just a fashion parade of parties. What is worse is that on polling day, the voting sheet does NOT have any individual’s names, merely the party sign and a place for a cross, so it is surely voting for a party and not a person, anathema for local elections. I can only blame the Sri Lankan voter for tolerating such nonsense, blindly, ignorantly, passively!


Anonymous said...

When you have demented people like Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena telling the voter, just vote for our sign (pohottuwa) and we will take care of the rest, is a sure indication that no one is interested in helping the people in the community to grapple with their daily concerns, but making the same political upstanding game that has been played for no benefit but their own survival

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Sri Lanka's political maturity is simply to vote against the party that did not provide what they want, by voting for the party that is most likely to beat them. So they don't vote for , but against, a negativist franchise that simply is a case of digging their own grave.

Of course this is after taking account of the 70% of electors who will never change their colors no matte what their party does good or evil.