Monday, January 15, 2018

Must you vote Mr Perera must you vote? No just go to the polls and spoil your vote! Why?

Why spoil my vote, as I can choose a color and a symbol! Yes that’s the problem Mr Perera, that’s the problem. This is a village vote!

You are voting for a symbol and not a person. The symbol is a plebiscite nothing else! We can’t choose a good person to be our man, be OUR MAN! Or our WOMAN! Why? Only one of us will understand our needs locally.

That is how Parliament has designed it so NO Good men can seek your vote, seek your vote! A good man is independent of colors and parties, so he’s out.

What can I do to teach them a lesson for screwing me right royally?

Simple go to the polls and spoil your vote, spoil your vote. You will then send a message, don’t mess with me, don’t mess with me! There is no other way to express your disgust my dear man. Pray tell me otherwise.

You get it?

The present system as designed will ensure that those who can win fairly, namely good people in the community, who can do something good for the community are barred from this election, by the rules. The rules were set up so good men will have no chance, and parties are at the fore, not the people.

We must teach a lesson to all that party politics is something of the past that has only enabled those with the loudest shout and deepest pockets can get their say. Sadly the media is also bought and paid for and don’t represent the man in the street anymore. So with no voice the vote is all you have. Use it to SPOIL IT.

Just see the shock waves that will be let off. We can demand all politicians are barred from elections from now on, as they have forfeited the public trust.

The way to go my fellow citizens, unless any of you have a better idea! Let’s hear it. My hypotheses is that everyone I explain the present system of doubling elected representatives are dead against the system, as it will make our system of government MORE politicized and NOT less. So what to do? We have to reject this system outright. My suggestion is the only means. Not going to the polls does not give the same message. They will say true to form local government elections don’t arouse the same passions! SO GO AND SPOIL


Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace that a local election, where local amenities to help the local people live a better life is at stake, has been hijacked by all the major parties as a platform to spew out their usual party politics that don't matter a damn to the people of the areas.

Why cannot they make a stand like spoil their vote? Simply because they are so ignorant that they are being scammed royally by all the crooks in politics

Anonymous said...

The people know it is wrong to fool them, but they don't realize that this election is part of that same scam, and the only way to reject it is to go to the polls and tell them all that you are NOT accepting this ruse to perpetuate a bad system

Anonymous said...

The Elections Commissioner is also out to lunch. We have no idea who is seeking election in our local area and we dont know anything about him or her. So for a start at least if he put the lists, and then allowed every person 100 words to describe themselves and why they seek our vote, we can AT LEAST use this as a means to come to some conclusion, not always the best, but at least some way of knowing who is contesting and why!

So in today's technology it is a simple thing to set up in the Elections.Gov website to help the voters make a decision. At least that is not a lot to ask. However there is no one in Public Service even this Mahinda Deshapriya who has common sense to ensure a free and fair election. It is NOT fair if this basic information is NOT available to the public.

Anonymous said...

There is a severe labor shortage in Sri Lanka, with about one million vacancies with no one wanting to do those jobs. Those who are not working don't want to take those jobs, even though many pay very well, because either they don't want to retrain, or move to another location to take the job.

The only answer to this is for the Government to axe the 500,000 in Government Service who are not earning their keep, and so put fear of joblessness to people both to improve productivity in existing jobs, and further force others to take the jobs there are, and only then will this country develop