Thursday, January 25, 2018

Have you noticed the SMOG in Colombo lately? Why is no one talking about it?

When air pollution is the talk of the town everywhere, we it appears have other more pressing concerns than public health, and no matter if our life expectancy is about to tumble, we are still tossing hairs about who we should have to lead this Country in a National Election on National Policy rather than really worry about the problems peculiar to the local residents in this local government election.

The link below is about how air pollution is killing millions around the Globe and we cannot escape it as it spreads from Country to Country as we have to act together and not separately thinking these are concerns only of other countries.

Please, before our air quality becomes like Delhi’s please take steps to prevent this immediately

I recommend an immediate move to LNG or Electric Buses, and not just the 50 we are talking about. We must make the people aware of how unsafe the fumes of all diesel buses are and three wheelers are second only to them.

It is important that parents also understand that sending their children in school vans of buses to Colombo to school if they are NOT airconditioned, is exposing them to horrendous pollution which will leave them with a shorter life, but worse they may die suffering pulmonary diseases all because the Parents want do give their child a better education. Noble ideals can fall flat on your face if you are not intelligent enough to think things through to its conclusion.

Has anyone noticed the sun setting in Colombo being Red. Well it is because of smog and not because it is attractive. In the old days the sun set was beautiful with blue skies and setting sun, I know as I lived by the sea in the Western Province and saw the sun setting in the evening on our walks along the railway line in the evening, waiting for the clear sun to set in its glory!

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Udara Samarasinghe said...

Thanks for this post. I too am disappointed at how little attention the smog in Colombo is getting. It's as if people plainly see it and just think "nah, not my problem. Not like it's gonna kill me!". Well guess what, it soon will; if we continue burning fuel the way we do right now. I've witnessed over time how the Colombo skyline viewed from afar keeps disappearing in the smog. The situation now alarms me. I agree with the solutions you've listed here. Authorities should also restrict the number of vehicles entering Colombo. Time for some bold steps to curb carbon emissions or Colombo and its residents are doomed.