Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Self Interest overpowers NATIONAL INTEREST in Sri Lanka!

This whole blog is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all who live in Sri Lanka, and I try all the time, to write on concepts that will DO JUST THAT, even though sometimes, the reader may not comprehend the direction I am coming at to achieve this objective.

It was in that same vein that I wrote yesterday’s article, attacking the whole concept of the CEB Engineering Unions who have put their self interest (PAVATHMA) ahead of the National Interest, just like the GMOA, the MPs in Parliament, to name but a few of the interest groups who continue to behave in a way that will NOT improve the quality of life of those who live in Sri Lanka.

What I demand from all our citizens is that if we put National Interest above self interest, there is a definite chance that we can in a very short period achieve the status of the Country with the highest quality of life on the face of this Earth, which surely must be the objective we all work and fight for!

I know this is still a state of mind, we yearn for, and only about 100 people in Sri Lanka, of a population exceeding 20M are actually espousing. Once we achieve at least 5Million practicing this philosophy, it will make it easier to shame those who are not, and change the minds of the truly greedy, shameless, and contemptible sorts who also inhabit this Country.

At present it is ONLY PARLIAMENT and Govt. who can make a swift change to achieve this objective, as they are possessed with powers to do so. However they are NOT possessed with even an ounce of grey matter, let alone any need to make this simple transition, because it is their very existence that is then called into question. (PAVATHMA) I like the word, that explains to a T the behavior, which NO English expression or word can.

When your existence is threatened, you tend to do all in your power to prevent your impending extinction. In this case the whole existence of Sri Lanka is at stake and the people in Parliament are merely concerned about their very existence, that do not matter to the Country’s survival, at all. It can be argued, that they are part of the reason for the imminent threat to the survival of Sri Lanka as we know it, due to the decisions they take that are not just bad, but hugely destructive, and directed only at hastening the day of reckoning.

Unless their minds can change, where they prioritize their Country’s future, WE HAVE NO FUTURE! The only alternative is to replace them with other who can.

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