Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heaven’s Gate – We have lost our best and brightest – Are we fighting for last place?

As each day goes by, I am increasingly coming to the realization, that the best and brightest of Sri Lanka are voting with their feet, and leaving this supposedly sinking ship, to which I after 33 years living working and contributing to the host Countries overseas, decided to return and give something back! NO THANKS, you should never have come!  is the message that comes loud and clear from the Island mentality majority who live here.

I have had to struggle with prejudice, ignorance, irrationality and most importantly a society in MORAL DECAY as evidenced in my earlier blog entry, which had the lowest hits of my numerous entries for a long while, confirming that as escapists, Sri Lankans do not wish to acknowledge the depths to which we as a society has sunk into.

What made me write this thought was that on my drive back from Minneriya yesterday, I dropped by Diya Bubula, the residence of the incredibly talented Laki Senanayake, a man after my own heart, a person who has a vision, which he creates, and the beauty that results, gives so much happiness to the lucky recipient of his creations, if it is NOT he himself! 

Even there, I met his only child a daughter who is married and has a child and has lived in the USA for decades, a talented lady. I presume she has no desire of returning and so her father only now retains life interest in the beautiful abode he has lovingly created over the last 45years.

Then further along the way, I dropped in on a distant relative I met for the first time, a retired director of Education, a Mr Wanninayake, who wants to fill in the blanks of a family tree that he has created and has asked me to give him my input into the missing links! As if I was that old to know!

Anyway his only son is married to a half Japanese girl who lives in Japan with their three children, where he currently has gone on holiday, but would eventually move to permanently.

This is the story of every ones sons and daughters, and I ask myself, Why? Why? Why? Its obvious, there are NO RULES that permit meritocracy, and in fact it is frowned upon. I am fighting a losing battle, I am afraid, but I am firmly stuck in, trying to develop a plan to reverse the environmental degradation, and double our forest cover over the next thirty years. It is possible, and I am looking to new technology to do so, including social media activism. So join me. 


Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

In a way in the society I move in, most of the people have relatives who have permanently emigrated to the developed world, forsaking their motherland, and many have achieved incredible success in their adopted countries. They all have some yearning for Sri Lanka, but just cannot get themselves to come back to contribute! Why?

You only have to keep up with the going's on here to realize that a bunch of chimps run the Country, and for some reason, humans are NOT ALLOWED IN!

Anonymous said...

When do you think the humans will be allowed in? When Good Governance finally takes over? How long more might I ask for that? 100 years.

We are waiting patiently!

Anonymous said...