Monday, July 11, 2016

Filling the Energy Deficit! Leave it to the Consumer – CEB engineers are now the problem and NOT the solution

Much has been heard of the upcoming Energy Deficit, and daily you hear of fossilized CEB engineers, the so called experts in this field ranting on their pet projects and in typical Govt. servant leach mentality, threatening to withdraw their cooperation from technical evaluation, and procurement, UNITL they get their OWN WAY. Now they fear their survival before their useful lives end!

I am afraid their own way is the highway, and I would just ask them to put their skates on and get the hell out of here, as they are actually a hindrance to progress and an intelligent discussion on how we move forward with new technology and an ecosensitive energy policy the next 50 years.

In this debate their input or participation is surplus to requirements, much due to their own arrogance, and insensitivity to changing dynamics. Firstly the Govt. must set out a new protocol for energy that excludes the CEB Engineers and most especially their pompous union of brain dead fossils who scupper anything beyond their limited brain cells capability to comprehend. They are NOT relevant.

I implore the Government to immediately import US$100M of solar panels and sell at it at 10% of the cost to anyone who wishes to purchase them, with the proviso that within 24 months, they are put to use, either to reduce existing usage or on the basis of net metering to supply excess to the Grid. Further with the impeding battery storage technological revolution, these panels should be compatible with being able to charge the new generation of batteries, that will permit high volumes of energy to be dissipated after storage.

On this basis, the whole energy requirement of the next 5 years will be met, and there WILL BE NO NEED for a power station, that will cost a minimum of US$500M with a big whack into some Engineers pockets. No transmission lines, no usage of land for power generation, and security and location scouting, the average Joe will produce more than 500MW of energy, reducing their dependence on the grid, and so there will be no commissions, and work for the CEB engineers, and we can drop their numbers, once their productivity, and need is further evaluated.

It is clear that CEB Unions are holding the people to ransom, just like the GMOA, and it is time they are clipped to be lean and relevant. 


Anonymous said...

The pace of change in the world is too much for these entrenched time wasters littering the CEB. They are preventing a visionary energy policy from being adopted.

Power stations are so last century it is not funny. China and India are beginning to realize that too and that from Countries that need a new power station every three months to keep up with demand.

Technological innovation, has done away with the need for power stations, we just have to think differently.

Let us start with removing ALL airconditioners from Govt. buildings, as they do not provide a return on our investment. Why are we building power stations to AC the rooms of the most unrproductive people in Sri Lanka?

Give me an answer to that before you proceed please.

Anonymous said...

In the link below is another prime example of the warped and tunnel vision thinking of our so called professional Electrical Engineers, who are still living in the last century, and completely incapable of being visionary, and in keeping with the times!