Thursday, December 31, 2015

Whale watching in Mirissa 31st Dec 2015 - Blue and Bryde Whales - here, there & everywhere

 This post is just to record some photos of today's trip @ Mirissa leaving from the fisheries harbor there.

I will follow up in a later post my observations on the usual failings of our tourism  industry bent on short term greed, in both being unable to make the experience unforgettable not just for the Tourist but also for the Whales.

If you are a whale in the water how would you like 40 boats chasing you whenever you surface. Is it surprising that the deafening sound of engines, much more amplified for the whales is a daily infringement of their freedom to roam the seas?

This is the greatest concentration of blues in the world and we just have no clue how to add value to that experience.

Just hand it to the Americans, and just see how well they will organize the show.

I have gone out to sea in Santa Barbara to see the BLUE whales when I was living and working there, and what a wonderful experience that was to both learn and show respect for the great est living creature on EARTH.

 Do we have anyone who knows anything about Tourism running this product in this Country? I think not, and high time we do, before even these creatures decide enough is enough and get the Hell our of here, as they cannot take this abuse anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Good Post seen today through a link on FB

The idiocy of the Sri Lankan mind can be gauged by an innocent comment like "wow what a photo" to describe a person shown very close to a diving Blue!

That is why Sri Lankan need an education first before doing anything! Even before encouraging Tourism. See link for photo on which some asinine comments were made