Thursday, December 24, 2015


2015 ends,
Years passed
Wiser and older.
Experience emboldens
Apprehensions are numbed
Technology is harder to grasp
Clarity with which we see the future
Forces us to empower youth, the inheritors
Who’s fate is determined by our actions today.
Let us therefore handover to them to make decisions
Which affect them, and gracefully retreat into oblivion.
Our task is complete, engage the young, and encourage them
To embrace the undertaking with humility and sense of purpose
So that we face the New Year 2016, with optimism for their future,
Knowing that our time has come to be thankful for good health
Happy to have done our duty towards those who come after
Time to reflect on a life lived, how well is our opinion
No time for regrets, even though we may have some
Appreciate all that we have been through in life
Will on the young a glimpse of our past
So that our mistakes are not repeated
Think our goodbyes  to everyone
Lest we not see them again
Especially from offshore.
We take our leave now,
A duty accomplished
To heaven or hell
When called.

X’mas eve 2015

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Anonymous said...

You are a gifted poet. A new bard of Lanka?