Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A reflection of a year that has flown by and nothing personal achieved

The year started with hope for a new beginning, and I was convinced beyond any doubt that we were about to witness a historic change of fortune for Sri Lanka.

It happened, and I was witness to the taking oath of office of the Ministers of Govt. at the Presidential Secretariat on January 12th 2015. We had a stake in this transition for which we fought tooth and nail for 5 years and finally our efforts were rewarded.

From that point onwards it was downhill all the way. One word that comes to mind and screams at us, DISAPPOINTMENT

Taking over 6,000 calls from people of all walks of life from around the Country, I realized what it was that people looked for from politicians and I really did not like the type of Country, our Politicians had endowed to us.

People believed all their problems could be solved ONLY by politicians as there was no other way, except for the wealthy, to have what they wanted.

It may have been a job, a transfer to somewhere more cushy, a recognition of the work that had been put into the party over the years, redress for wrongful termination and political revenge, a contract for something or another, a position in a board with perks, help to sort out mistreatment at the hands of a superior, paving of a road, now that the power was in our hands, putting a kid into a school, asking for a promotion and the list goes on, is endless!

Personally being unable to satiate the needy (a dependent condition created by politics) my position as a Secretary of one sort or another to a Minister was just not worth the 24hr on call, no good words, just complaints about everything!

The relief of being taken out to get back into the productive world was immense. The realization of how unproductive politics is in Sri Lanka, was a shock. How the whole political system just wastes the national resources when so much needs to be done, convinces me that without any politicians this Country will have a hugely advanced future. Politics is only a drag on development NOT a catalyst for it!

This state of mind resulted in a total blackout of creative writing from which I am just emerging. I will spend next year in suggesting, and creating what a totally new Constitution for Sri Lanka MUST look like, as if the brain dead 225 would even have the time to listen and learn! Let alone comprehend! 


Anonymous said...

Its productive only for the crooks, so now we know who the crooks are! Those are happy in their jobs inside, as they can do some wheeler dealing for their own benefit.

Anonymous said...

Several of your anonymous commenters were trying to bring you to reality from your delusional high long ago (check the record). We look forward to your newly enlightened musings and wish you a peaceful and productive 2016 ahead!