Sunday, August 10, 2014

The remarkable last ball win in cricket today, the final day of the Test match

would not even be deemed possible after the end of day 4, where on day 3 a whole session was lost to the weather.

Actually that is the nature of the game, and the art of the possible. It is a further reminder to all of us, of how unpredictable the future can be even a day ahead, and that we must be prepared for all eventualities be they be good or bad depending on the individual’s point of view.

In fact, I as one without a TV at present, and for once at home all day today, Poya Day which also was a Sunday, I would normally have missed the excitement. For some unknown reason, maybe out of curiosity, I checked the Cricket on the internet and at 170 something for 8 and some 25 overs left, I thought it would be an interesting finish, whatever happens.

I was able to find a live telecast on my Broadband, and watched the last two hours, on the edge of my seat, and the moment the match ended, thundershowers came, even though there were some overs left, which would NOT have been possible due to rain, and so effectively it was the last ball win for Sri Lanka and the crucial last 6 from Matthews was a game winner whichever way one looks at it!  

To cap a whole host of coincidences, I got the message on my Broadband that I had just 100MB of my package left soon after the win was shown, which means to me that if the game went on for a few more balls, I would not have been able to see the end. I was also fortunate to be home at that time and not on work.

I know it is Cricket, and it is unpredictable, and a 5 day game to come to such a conclusion is also unprecedented, though lately Sri Lanka has been involved in many last minute surprises to 5 day Tests. Actually telling anyone who does not know about Cricket that a game can have 5 days and can end with NO result is in itself a point that is hard to explain at the best of times!

Anyway to get to the point I want to make here, using Cricket as an example, it is that life is unpredictable and in whatever field or profession or even in politics, one can expect surprises, and therefore it is important that we DO NOT lose hope that Justice can surmount injustice in this world, even though we are tested to the end of our tether by people, leaders and governments bent on destroying sense and instilling chaos in the name of their development and their goals, along with their warped sense of right and wrong which some subscribe to.

In this blog meant to provide optimism for Sri Lanka in the face of despair it is this hope for the future which I would like to stress. 

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