Monday, August 11, 2014

Blood is thicker than water – A concept that has overrun a Country!

Not only is a  Corrupt Cabal of Cynical, Croni Capitalists at the helm of this Country, but they have ensured that even as our representatives overseas, their tentacles are firmly dug in deep around the world, to throttle a nation with a vice like grip, from which a whole Country will take a generation to recover from.

What is worse, the slave mentality of the people who suffer under this torment permits the perpetrators free reign in this regard to continue, expand and empty the state coffers on highly dubious expenditure, without the needed checks and balances, to safeguard the best interests of the Nation and the Public that are the foundation of their looting.

I seriously cannot think of a country that is so fortunately endowed, being so brazenly exploited by their own kind, and all the blame laid squarely on those who are in other lands far from the den of inequity thus created.

Is the latest example that has been laid bare not enough to awake the nation from its slumber and the armchair pundits from their deeply cushioned sofas in Colombo 7, to stop fantasizing in their sleep, and see the daylight robbery in front of their very eyes? Will they even understand once they are removed in their sleep in their slumber from their homes, when there will be no one around to sympathize with their plight, as they failed to see, warn, and take action of all those before them who could have prevented them having to face a worse outcome than those who went before them!

We are at a cross roads in our history, and the path from here will have irreparable consequences if in the wrong direction. The brain drain is about to explode with no future for the educated, with a country taken over by the underworld at every turn. The result is lawlessness rules, and the law abiding of little consequence ruled by fear and intimidation, a country left with dumb zombies as worker bees catering to a small minority who reap all the benefits of the land and wealth grab with a parched country of no value left to govern, a worse pile of broken concrete than Gaza.

We can stop the rot now, if we wake up to a sense of reality, awareness around to our surroundings and concern for our fellow citizens, devoid of personal greed at the expense of others. Stand up for your rights before what remains is also removed. We can, we must, and we owe it to the next generation!            


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Anonymous said...

Calm down. Whichever major party comes to power has their looting minions waiting in the wings, and minority parties like the slmc will loot the country whoever comes to power. Anti mozzie, am I? The UNP and its crony capitalists set the standard which the opposing party has mastered