Sunday, August 31, 2014

Narendra Modi gave one below the belt to Mahinda – It hurts so bad!

It is simply embarrassing to see how easily the Indian Prime Minister was able to bamboozle the Sri Lankan Govt. which prides itself in being able to keep tabs on all those they consider a threat.

DBS in his article above alludes to how easy it was to deceive the Sri Lankan Govt. which if one believes DBS, make them look like village idiots, who are unable to grasp the nettle of Indian Politics!

In either case we tend to give ourselves a sense of importance that is far greater than reality, and if one either looks at the FB page of the Indian PM’s office  or the website of the Indian PMs office  it shows both how effective, and how classy the Indian PM works and schmoozes with world leaders who go to see him and pay homage, and now that he is in Japan on a visit the images put out are very matter of fact and workmanlike in the way he goes about his business.

It will do well to understand from our numerous mistakes over the years with our friends, and neighbors, in order that we do not repeat the same errors, and realize that the Opposition Leader in Sri Lanka actually was able to advise PM Modi when he was in the Chief Minister’s chair in Gujarat, on aspects of bringing that very complicated state into the 21st Century, a little known fact, that endears him to the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lanka, as compared with its President, and which is kept under wraps, for obvious reasons.

Only once we truly understand the Indian perspective must we try to win them over to our way of thinking by quiet diplomacy and not prima donna like pomposity of puffed puffins, which bursts like ripe puffballs that release the spores that we have to deal with for years to come.

After all for a country of a mere 20M people, about the size of a small metropolitan area in India, surely we can run our affairs, if we were more adult and less childish. It is time we stop posturing for political gain, and settle down to solve a small issue, that will suddenly open up the Country to the world, and permit it to go about its business unhindered from International interference. We must put country before self to achieve this objective. Lets do it!