Friday, March 28, 2014

UN vote on Crimea – How did Sri Lanka vote? The Russians are angry!

Minutes after the UNHRC vote in Geneva on Sri Lanka, where Russia voted against the resolution, the United Nations General Assembly in New York, adopts a resolution, “calling upon states NOT to recognize a change in status of the Crimea region” in short NOT accepting Russian Annexation or Crimean Independence!

There were 100 Votes for the resolution, 11 against and 58 abstentions, with another 24 not turning up to the debate and are marked as absent. Sri Lanka is either absent or abstained, and as of this moment cannot find out which it was!

The Countries that voted with Russia are: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe! Why I wonder they are not in my list of countries, I would ever want to visit! Though I have been to Russia, in the days it was called the Soviet Union and before the break up!

It is purely coincidental, but also very ironic that these two resolutions were voted on the same DAY!!!! Does that foretell something in the future? Anyway, how would Russia feel that SL did not vote with them on this?

My blog entry a few days ago here, mentioned this very fact, and our commitment in that regard. I know if we had voted for, there would be hell to pay in our future foreign policy, however being absent or abstained does not give a clear message about partitioning countries if the people living in the area of partition vote to secede. I am pretty sure we did not vote for that resolution!

Russia is NO doubt isolated in this case, as the people or countries voting with Russia are somehow dependent on Russia for their survival, and were helped by Russia in days gone by, and had an obligation.

I further stated a few days ago, that we don’t need Russia, for anything. So it was time to uncouple our relationship from them. I am sure this vote is indicative of that thinking and now that we have at least drawn a line in the sand as to how far we will go to support Russia, the latter knows how far they can push us due to our non dependence on them anymore for anything! A fat lot of good it did for SL in the UNHRC vote, as Russia was NOT able to influence more countries to vote against the resolution and so support Sri Lanka.

If any further evidence were needed that the first salvo has been fired of our intentions, this is it, coming on a day of immense significance for SLs future.           


Anonymous said...

what a bitter pill for the russians to swallow issued by the wily sri lankans. russians vote for us first and then we dont support their cause hours later! we'r ein trouble if we alienate our last big friend, China. we are now beholden to them more than ever!!!

Anonymous said...

The campaign to alienate China has already begun using western agents and NGO paid civil society activists. The first step is to mount an attack on Chinese loans, companies and infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

It was a tricky point for the foreign policy in Sri Lanka.I think that's why we avoid voting for that resolution.However,that may be a chance to Russia to check the level of dependence of the countries who are their so called friends,in the point of Russia.

Anonymous said...

We have alienated Russia, we will soon alienate China, when the people realize that the Chinese loans were not transparent and at competitive market rates, and demand restitution

SL will tell the Chinese to ask the person to whom they paid the interest difference to settle the debt

Anonymous said...

the sooner we get rid of russian and chinese influence and re-establish our common links with India the better. There is more potential for trade and links with India than with any other Country, and they should be our natural ally and friend who share many cultural, linguistic, and ancestral links with Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Some want us to dislodge the proven friends and go after proven bullies again. Of-course the Tamil Diaspora would love that so they can ask their backers to bring a resolution on UN security council with Sri Lanka having no friends with veto powers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget only dictatorships want friends with veto powers!
The Tamil Diaspora is just a red herring, not at all relevant to our real problem, which has nothing to do with Tamils.

Anonymous said...

A country that did not listen to the world powers and went ahead to rid itself from terrorism certainly need a friend with veto powers. The fact that Sri Lanka is a democracy alone isn't going to help us fight the geo-political needs of world and regional powers.

Of-course paid propagandists are trying to downplay the ongoing eelam struggle which would shift to high gear after the biased Tamil Women comes up with her war crimes report.