Sunday, March 16, 2014

GOSL Geneva stance will lead to a Crimea situation!

Imagine you are an UN Ambassador from a country that has membership of the UNHRC, other than the big powers with vested interests! What would you make of the case put forward by the GOSL in defense of the allegations?

Firstly Navi Pillay, who is a UN staffer has been attacked mercilessly for being a puppet of the West with an agenda. Secondly the 4000 plus demonstrators in Geneva from the Tamil Diaspora have been attacked as being LTTE sympathizers and therefore terrorists! And then when the elected representatives of the Tamils in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province come to Geneva, the GOSL attack their credibility as being terrorists in colorful saris. When they complain about a woman activist, who is known as forceful in holding the GOSL to account for the disappearance of her 15yr old son, being held under PTA on at best dubious grounds, misusing the reason for having the PTA on the statute books, what would you be inclined to believe? In this internet age a Google click will update you to the discussions.

Any sane Ambassador will say, there is a huge ethnic problem, and the GOSL is only representing Sinhala Buddhists, and is discriminating against all other groups not adhering to their tune, and thus have a serious HR issue not just at the end of the conflict, but today as well. It is a slam dunk case of the GOSL selling SL down the gully for their survival pure and simple. They cannot use democracy as evidence as it involves majoritarian means to suppress minorities and the fact that they will win the elections to be held a day after the UNHRC vote does not count for a hill of beans, and in fact re-enforce the lack of governance.

Using their divisive politics, they are likely to drive the UN to demand that NPC be given autonomy, in much the same way that Crimea has autonomy already within Ukraine. In today’s referendum, declared illegal by the UN Security Council but for Russias veto, and China’s abstention, Crimea will vote to secede!

THAT IS NOT GOOD for Sri Lanka, past present or future. It is no one but those representing GOSL, namely the President who MUST shoulder all the blame for this state of affairs. You do not shoot the messenger, you try to explain the flaw in the message, and there you have failed by your incompetence and inaction on the area of reconciliation, and reform of democratic institutions. The only logical explanation then, is the desire to be in power at all costs, at the expense of the people, and those who cannot see this clear act of treachery are themselves traitors of the Country. It is time that those who love our country, not just a trumped up non existent race, rise up, and re-take the podium to preserve our unitary state.           


Liberal One said...

Stupid nonsense as usual. You buggers are so disconnected with the ordinary citizen it is no wonder you get drubbings at each election.

Anonymous said...

GR foresaw this issue when they were determining whether it was appropriate to hold the NPC election. Now it may come to pass, but not without a grand battle.