Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time for a U turn in Foreign Policy – Stop backing losers!

As if we have no shame in backing dictators, we continue merrily backing such regimes, which then fall and we still have NO shame! perhaps because we are also in that same mentality of our rulers not being able to put Country before self.

Let us dump Russia as a friend. We don’t need them for leverage, or for that matter for anything. There is NOTHING we want from them or give them. By being forced to back them in their annexation of Crimea, we will only invite the same from our enemies who wish to divide Sri Lanka. So let us remove ourselves from their orbit, before we come to regret such later.

Russia is now the sick man in the world. They have lost all power, the people of Russia are dejected. They have 140 Oligarch Billionaires who have stolen the wealth of the poor, and now only have a life expectancy of 60. The 143 milion Russians are a nation in DECLINE. In fact, the quality of life of Sri Lankans are higher than Russia, so why are we desperate to be friendly with them? Just for their veto in the UN!! That is a silly reason. Just stop Sri Lanka being sold to the rich.

Assimilate all the latest news. Russia is HURTING already in a few days!! Yes a few days! due to the sanctions imposed by the West for annexing Crimea. I am NOT denying the fact that the Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to secede, just as the Northern Tamils would, if a referendum was held today, but we cannot conduct policies on referendums, where does it stop? That is a very bad precedent for any Country. The Russian stock market dropped drastically as a result. 

Understand why Putin gets elected! Similarly to why our President gets elected, for isolationism, for suppressing freedoms, and for instilling fear in the people for non-existent threats. So it is not based on any goodness on their part or love for country.

 Sri Lanka will be forced to back Russia in the UN in supporting their annexure of the Crimea, a most embarrassing, if NOT disastrous step in our foreign policy. Before we are forced into such an action, let us just take a stand against this unacceptable practice of annexing areas, just because the people who live in an area wish to be annexed, as we cannot change this policy when it does not suit us.

In a future administration, Russia will be forced to hand back Crimea, as it will become a problem, but as long as Putin is in power, it is about Putin first and Russia second, and we are only backing another Dictator, against the sovereignty of a Country in the UN. At least the Chinese are the dictatorship of the proletariat!  


Anonymous said...

how do putin and the oligarch's natural resources -- oil and gas being paramount -- relate to our support for them? given that the west is looking to starve us of essential resources, by putting international sanctions on our suppliers, it may be prudent to keep in putin's good books despite the vile nature of his rule.

crimea was a democratic action and we must support it unless we support the alternative of world government where there are no countries and people relate to each other as individuals in a world system rather than as countries. the latter is preferable but not realistic given the hegemonic intentions of world powers.

the usa and the west cannot be trusted as allies as they change regularly with the wind. 10 years ago it was them that invaded and destroyed an entire country for false reasons, and now while the memory is still fresh, they are taking the opposite line!

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

Stop worrying about their natural resources. We have to worry about our natural resources, now that a huge gas find has been confirmed in the Mannar basin with Oil also part of the deal. We can never sell it to Russia thats for sure,

So let us just say that today, Obama has just said that Russia is only a regional power!!

which merely confirms what I have been saying in the entry!

Anonymous said...

See the link above on how Sochi is now a deserted derelict US$50B waste of money weeks after the Winter Olympics of 2014

Russia is really a lost cause closing on SL and its leadership!