Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Implications of a Jesuit Pope – The Church in a major transition to simplicity!

The Catholics have chosen and the debate is on. Its back to basics, the show is over for all the pomp and pageantry and display of wealth. In time some of the family silver will be sold, and I hope put to good use, not just to give to the poor, but to find means of raising the poor from poverty, so they are no longer poor and in need of help. Realistically though there will always be poor people.

Poverty is an age old problem, which the capitalists attribute to bad luck or laziness, and foolish choices, and the liberals as inevitable, and there must be social programs to assist the poor, but only to the extent that society can afford it and benefit from those programs, which will in turn return the purchasing power back to society.

Here as far as the Church is concerned, it is to recognize sometimes of the inevitability of poverty, mostly due to factors beyond one’s control in contrast to the capitalist ideology, and therefore something must be done to alleviate the suffering of those poor souls!

It is hoped by this direct approach to reassert the place of the Catholic Church in humility and service of the poor, from its lofty high church grandiose incense filled cloisters.

Worthy links giving background information of Jesuits and Francis of Assisi:

In reality as far as the Church on the ground is concerned, the Pope means very little, and only his edicts and dictats will have some reverberations amongst the flock. It is therefore important to keep these appointments in perspective as it is the PR war with other religions, and denominations that are at stake here. In the Global Media war the Catholics have laid their new deck of cards for the world to see, reeling from sexual abuse by the Church elders all over the world, and questions on the practicality of Celibacy in this day and age, where human beings have needs that have to be fulfilled, and the mental toll that celibacy demands may lead to the wrong people entering the priesthood for the wrong reasons, making it that much harder to spread the word of God into the non believers and future believers.

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