Saturday, March 9, 2013

International Women’s Day – Marriage and the SL woman

A survey carried out by an academic has stated that 61% of women who marry end up being unhappy with many resorting to divorce. The link below to the article I refer to is in Sinhala, and I do not wish to go into detail about all the percentages relating to divorce rates, and by area etc. except to just explore the point above and comment and start a debate on how that can be reduced.

So as a dedication to this day, where we think of women, and their role in life, I attended a contemporary musical concert by female singers (Soundarie David Group) at the Lionel Wendt last evening (8th March 2013 was the day). It was a Zonta fundraiser for “No to violence against women Project”.

How can we reduce this unhappiness? That results in people trapped in permanently unsuitable relationships with NO hope of escape, the only means hitherto successfully used by women is going to the Middle East to work!

We have to change the way men and women think of themselves and their position in the relationship. That can only be done from the young years, where it is the duty of the mother and the father, if they wish their child NOT to be in this Majority, to do something about it.

They have to inculcate the values in their sons of responsibility in the house, not allow the daughter to scrape coconuts and do housework while the son goes out to play, with sons being favored over daughters. IT HAS TO BEGIN THERE.

The buck has to stop in the home, with values being taught and gender respect and shared responsibilities. Sri Lankan women do far more than their share both in the workplace and come home to do the housework. This creates resentment and unhappiness and leads to a nation of discontented women. Let’s face it that is what Sri Lanka is today, with the men raging on like mad wolves in religion and politics, whilst the women have to listen to their trash, wondering when a women will get up to them and tell them where to take their …… and shove it!

It is time Parents make a choice, if they wish to bring up their precious daughter not to suffer the same fate, often without them even knowing, for the shame it may cause them. You MUST learn to take responsibility for your child’s future and it is not education stupid you should have sleepless nights over, it is about LIVING.

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Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan men are very abusive towards women for some reason, almost like a middle eastern country. what would happen to a women if she boards a bus in a mini skirt or short shorts? aren't these clothes appropriate for the warm sri lankan weather? something must be done to ease the burden women have in living a normal life in sri lanka. sri lanka should be very different than iraq but is it?