Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life is about choices, and how we manage them

To an extent we make a choice once we are of a mature age on how we map our life’s progress. If we don’t we should. We do not chose who we are born to, or who raises us. 

As minors we are FORCED to do things that others demand, and we just hope those people who lord over us, both have our interests at heart, know about child rearing, and try to do their best in making us useful, moral and sufficiently fulfilled citizens of the country and the world. Then we reach adulthood.

Along the way there are mistakes made by them and us, and society in general and we have to take accept the challenges and do the best to live and breed and all the rest of it, so we can die in some kind of contentment! We have to contend with unreasonable laws, with unjust workplace practices and bosses, with human rights abuses, with power hungry dictators, and with the great and the good and positive events too .

When we look back on life there are things with hindsight we may not have done, there are choices we may not have made, and also remember there are the chances of fortune we had, which may not have come our way and our life may have been worse than now, NOT better. It is therefore always best to look at the brighter side of life and realize that we should be thankful, we are NOT in a worse state of physical mental and unfulfilled bind! 

Then one can feel good, optimistic, in better overall health, and despite the cards we have been dealt with, deal it in a clever way to maximize our good fortune, good karma and the possibility of a good life.

Then it is about the attitude to life that we have that matters to us, and all those who come in contact with us. Positive energy from us exudes, positive energy from those who we come into contact with, and people will appreciate our company and hopefully they can benefit from our friendship and we can from them, and in the end it is the friends acquaintances, lovers and how we live our life that matters, and not what we have and hold and hug and keep, as all that cannot be taken away by us, and is usually left to someone else who destroys what we have built so meticulously and through much hardship almost in an act of revenge.

We blame others for our inadequacies and that is the first sign, we must learn that we are looking for scapegoats for our failings. Then what should we do. Assert ourselves, ask for what we want, work for it if necessary, and always be an example to others if you don’t want them to envy your good fortune.

Most of all leave your legacy of values to others. That cannot be bought or sold. It is what you are, what you have done, what your philosophy of life is, what you believe in and why and it is up to the audience of your life to pick and choose what they wish to take up. Only then, remember that you have contributed to + LIFE.

For those who say to live is to suffer, then there is a formula to minimize suffering, it is called "escapism" pure and simple. Its a mental condition that deals with that. I don't advocate that here! I turn that on its head and say to live is to enjoy! Suffering is a mental condition.

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