Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why in this caring country is Rizana’s family still living in a hut?

So much water has passed under this bridge, but I am still astonished, why NO ONE has commented on the ironic fact that Rizana Nafeek’s family still live in the thatched roofed house in Muttur, when less than 5% of people in Sri Lanka still do so. What about all the people who care about Rizana? See my story in my previous blog.

If I cared about Rizana, I would make sure her family has basic comforts, so I can at least tell her about it. If at least at the moment of execution, she knew that her parents due to her going to Saudi, at least will from now on get some (not the Rs60,000/- that the employment agency was asked to pay them for lying about her age) benefit. If I knew that the roof over their heads will now at least be sheet or tiled, that they had electricity, and brick walls and some basic amenities, like fresh drinking water. That the little brothers and sisters (now probably no longer little) were able to go to school, get an education, and nutrition, I would go to my maker with a little more satisfaction, that at least one aim of my life had been fulfilled.

What have we left as a legacy from this girl’s unfortunate demise? WE owe it to our sense of justice and human decency to at least see to that. We have a government full of funds for car races, and they allocate less than half of the money spent on car races for the victims of the recent floods! As usual there are no real acts that follow hollow words.

It is this country that forgets the basic priorities, making political capital out of every event without a thought for the human aspect of life.

I have only seen photos of this girl’s family that show their circumstances as being very meager. If anyone knows to the contrary PLEASE make a comment here, as I am none the wiser. I don’t know if the father was too proud to accept help from people due to Rizana’s predicament and later fate.

Sri Lankans are always having fancy charity events in hotels charging high prices for tickets, it would be a good event to have one that is in aid of her family, if the Government does not step in and provide some basics. It is better late than never, though I wish it was done with her knowledge rather than after the fact.

If she was released she would have been a subject of curiosity and talk shows as would be the case in most other countries. There again been exploited for other people’s benefit, as she would be none the wiser to demand a fee for being interviewed. So the story goes on and on. Let us have some comfort in the closure.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll see a beaming Hakeem one of these days in the paper ceremonially presenting something to the family for all the media to see. The first politician to get to them will be the most famous, of course, so there will be no shortage of pilgrims at their mudhut