Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Cobra girl story – epitomizes the Sri Lankan psyche!

In most countries there is a gutter press that thrives on salacious gossip, and it is considered the “opium for the masses” and is not generally taken as anything other than entertainment. In Sri Lanka however the Govt. needs to get on the case of entertainment and use sensational stories as being the reason for “PRESS CENSORSHIP”. I found it the the height of absurdity when the Media Secretary, Charitha Herath used the example of the story of the Cobra girl, as a reason why the media MUST be bound by certain regulations. Remember regulations, which mean that if they are not adhered to serious repercussions in the form of legal action, and in Sri Lanka’s case where the judiciary has ceased to function fairly, it means downright closure or suppression!

He implied that as a result of the publicity given to this girl, she became well known, and then she ended up being attacked and beaten up, and finally hospitalized – due supposedly to the media giving her UNDUE PRESS.

Think about it! This is one of the most outrageous interpretations of logic and reasonableness. The fact that she was attacked had nothing to do with her new found fame, and further the fact that she pimped on the media, by feeding the media with a bunch of baloney, is the fault of the media in not checking the facts and not something that requires regulation. That is something well within the self regulation of media that the press council can get into if need be, but not the Govt.
I found it fascinating that this girl, Nirosha Wimalaratne was able to fool so many people with her outrageous stories and gain the level of fame she did, to an extent that all media covered her story and most people have heard of her, and I bet if she sought election, she would get sufficient preferences to get elected. The latter is the problem of Sri Lanka, that fame leads to electability, not the fact that she was beaten up. Any elected politician would tell you, hospitalization as a result of an attack just before the vote, if properly marketed will get you in!!

I am therefore not commenting on the accuracy of the latest story, where this girl as supposedly beaten up by an Arab boyfriend, as he is currently missing! But it has made sure that she is in the news again. She has been released from hospital and it appears that her wounds are surface wounds. I do not know if they were self inflicted for want of further attention, but I would like to see if she would be willing to undergo psychiatric tests to determine her state of mind first, before we sympathize with, empathize or despise her recent tragedy. Being attractive has certainly helped, and you can be sure we have NOT heard the last of her!!

The Girl must understand that she has benefitted enormously from this fame, which as an exotic dancer makes you more marketable as night clubs can headline you as the Cobra girl to get more clients. I just hope you have an agent to manage your finances, and that you don't have an abusive pimp using you for his ends, and you have learned how to play the system.

You have shown a lot of spunk to face the media, use them to the hilt and show the masses how gullible they can be! That is how the State has used the media knowing full well any lie will have more believers than doubters. 


Anonymous said...

she is suitable for parliament, and i wouldn't mind the chance to vote for her. i'd choose her for colombo over moragoda or bogollagama or duminda any day. let the best person win!

Anonymous said...

she looks stunning in white. i'd like to see more of that!

Anonymous said...

Article entitled Cobra girl deserves the media coverage in Island of February 6th 2013

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

Another article saying what I have said here, in the Ceylon Today of 15th April 2013, worth a read