Sunday, January 27, 2013

NO Pension for the ex-CJ!........................Really!

One of the Sunday Newspapers announced today that the recently illegally impeached CJ will not receive her pension, owing to her impeachment. As usual the newspaper article was just sensational, not investigating what component of the pension that she was not going to receive. Is it just that component that is calculated on her period as CJ? Or all her pension rights in public service, including as an academician in a Universityand later as a judge of the SC!! So this is just one example of readers being told half truths, and the people being duped into believing what is said as just being plain and simple, NO PENSION.

Why I say this is that educated people who should know better, come to the same conclusion as the farmer in the rural area when reading the same article. It goes to the heart of our thinking, our education system and the lack of reasoning of our citizenry. This follows directly into the lap of state media manipulation, where all the nonsense spewed out by the media, especially the state media, is accepted as the truth! KALPANAKARANNA

So before feeling so sorry for the CJ who did not even avail herself of a duty free vehicle in any time she served as a public servant (university dons are also permitted such vehicles, though at a lower value) we must look into the alternatives available to her as an ex-CJ. She has been offered an international posting in an INGO like the ICC, with a very prestigious position and a salary of around 10times (pensionable too) of what she was earning as the CJ.

The problem is that she is prevented from leaving, until she is able to clear legal hurdles that are against her. The behind the scenes activity is to iron all those out. I wish Sarath Fonseka understood that she is not cut out to be a politician and she had better pursue whatever interest she has, to ensure the security (incl. financial) of herself and her family first and foremost.

There is no doubt that a future administration will rule against the impeachment, and restore all the rights she has been denied, and to that extent she need not worry about today’s withholding of her CJ pension rights! If she believes she can provide a more beneficial contribution to international justice from another posting let her do so, as only Sri Lanka is the loser in this game. Sri Lanka is always the loser in a game where people leave because they have no recourse to justice in this country. It is a method, by which host countries gain a huge human resource potential from here, and thanks to the shortsightedness of a myopic administration, the Country suffers as a result of the policies adopted by it. Let us agitate for change!

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Anonymous said...

let the shiranthi's of lanka go away. it's the young people of the country that must be kept on these shores if the country is to develop in the future. the most recent census data confirms that SL is an aging population, with the percentage of elderly drastically increasing and the youth and young adult population in serious decline. who will pay for the pensions of the elderly if there are no young people around!!! kalpanakaranna on that!!