Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Editorials in the English press – all except for the Observer

In this morning’s (Sunday, June 24th 2012) Editorials of all the English Language newspapers, (except the Govt. mouthpiece Observer) the tragedy of the Katuwana Killings is highlighted and referred to and questions at the same breath arise as to the freedom with which the implicated ‘Amare’ seems to have within Hambantota District.

The Observer for its part pooh poohed crime stating that it has been blown out of all proportion and that there is NO crime wave, just more reporting, and why would the Govt. be involved in a shooting incident at an event of a party that has been marginalized and of no consequence.

This contrast is striking. There was a statement in the Sunday Observer Editorial that said “It would be only a matter of time for the Police to end crime in this country.” Need I say more. The editor is responsible for the editorial and these are the people we have as editors!! God help Sri Lanka. I shall stop abusing this editorial as it is just a waste of typespace.

Going back to the other editorials it is a clear consensus that there is something seriously wrong with law and order or the lack of it. The Sunday Island was discussing the downgrade of the Banking System another tragedy in the current Government’s watch which is just as worrisome. I give below the internet links for ease of reference:

It is important that whilst we have a government in complete denial that there is a problem, the consensus of reasoned opinion is that the issues are getting worse by the day and unless there is a concerted action to tackle the issues, it is the country that will suffer. It is time the Government owned up to its mistakes, as that is the first sign that they are able to admit to a serious breakdown. It is easier to tackle once there is a commitment to solve the problem. LET US COMMIT FIRST to the grave concerns and put the country before self.

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