Monday, April 7, 2008

what is the truth?

The Truth is not elusive, its just not understood even if you are looking straight at it

The Lord Buddha in one of his teachings said some thing to this effect and I hope I am quoting the gist of it correctly, “How possible can the ordinary person, enjoying the senses, reveling on the senses, lost in the senses, comprehend a Truth which is beyond the senses, so profound, so subtle.”

Is there no shame in the hearts and minds of our leaders, who are just so drunk in the senses of privilege, wealth, obeisance, and power not to realize what is happening, and how it is affecting the lives of 95% of the citizens they are ruling? These same citizens are so disunited, and lack a leadership that represents their interests, they do not know how to eloquently spread this message without fear of being branded unpatriotic.

This new status quo gives even greater incentives for those drunk in the senses to believe they are within the law, and actually are representing the people’s best interests, so they can convincingly raise the level of looting knowing they can get away with it.

It will be too late once the treasury is empty and the country is bankrupt, and borrowings out of control, for someone else to steady the ship. Any corrective action will only involve more pain as the country would have mortgaged its future to a band of crooks and they can criticize the reformer who has no choice but to make the tough choices. The reforms will be necessarily unpopular, making its implementation tricky as the West, IMF and foreign interference would be blamed for those choices instead of the perpetrators who would have long gone enjoying their spoils in a gamblers paradise where it is easy to fritter away ill gotten gains.

It is to those who have some influence left to take control of the destiny of the country, and take a stand immediately. Sadly these very same people are complicit by their inaction, condemning them thus. Sins of omission, being their guilt rather than of commission by the original perpetrator.

Civil society is not agitating, to rock the boat as they are not affected directly. Those affected have no mouthpiece and the eastern culture of fate, encourages apathy. We are witnessing a “if you cant beat them join them” scenario, by those we would have chosen to lead the agitation. So they are also drunk in the senses unable to see the truth that stares them in the face.

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