Friday, April 4, 2008

Sri Lanka has no unemployment

A recurrent theme that runs across my writings is that far from having unemployment, we are desperately short of staff in every field, skilled or unskilled. The root of the problems lie in those governing still holding on to outdated notions as they have never tried to hire skilled people. Of course hundreds apply for Ministerial Security Duty as they get a lot of money for riding around in Jeeps at full speed, and they think that is because there are so many people without work!!

The future pool of workers will come when the forces are demobilized at the end of the ground war, but I see a greater source, being the hugely overstaffed state sector, that is both costing too much money which is therefore not going into development work, but also adding to the inefficiencies as far as the smooth running of the economy is concerned, with bribery and corruption sustaining the attraction of this sector.

The invisible barriers to labor movement should be reduced, which is the duty of the government, then the worker will find his own job. Then this myth that only a politician can give one a job will forever be eradicated.

Once this simple analysis is accepted there will be a volte face in policy to the good. This will by its own steam encourage graduates to look for employment instead of waiting for a job to fall into their laps from the state.

Sri Lanka is a very fortunate country, as they can export unlimited numbers of people as their human potential and stock is so highly regarded, except for a few who recently have muddied it by using forged certificated to show non-existent skills. When the war ends, and the peace is honorably and magnanimously made, the flow of foreign money, from overseas Sri Lankans and foreigners will overwhelm the system, as there is no better place to live.

That is why the foundation for this future must be made by people with a vision, that surpasses their own limited capacity to absorb, because they are just trying to hold on to a job that does not exist because they too are frightened of unemployment because it is only the rulers who are unemployable in this country. We cannot let people who will not be given a job by their own mother, dictate how the country goes forward and make decisions for the rest of us hardworking, long suffering citizenry.

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