Friday, April 11, 2008

i thought we prided ourselves as a nation of intelligent beings

I believe that though we have great computer programmers doing very complicated stuff, we are still a very foolish lot, not using common sense or even taught to use common sense. I get exasperated as to how detailed I need to give the instructions, and my staff do not like it when I tell to write what I say exactly as I say as they will not do what I ask.

Today was a day replete with this and can barely hide my disgust and anger as all the cockups meant more money spent, which left me less to spend on the areas I really needed to so it directly affects my business profitability in all the unthinking mistakes made.

I gave specific instructions to buy 8 bottles of coconut oil for the shop. Instead 9 was purchased, the reason being there was one of the 4 double bottles with some dirt so the can was used, and the full can is 7 bottles and one other double bottle was 2.

I gave money to put diesel in the can for the tractor, to be used this week for ploughing. He took the money and put the diesel in the cab, which had enough to get back to the farm tomorrow anyway and I would only have additional funds on Friday to fill up. So this extra money will have to come out of what I was hoping to spend to take to the shop tomorrow, so that means less for the shop from here.

I take 6 or 7 types of paddy to mill at the local miller. The boys know exactly that I need details of every type of paddy the weight before milling, and so I can once I get the weight after milling check the profitability of the paddy from this one and that knowing the conversion rates from paddy to rice of the various sources. I cant tell them to do this all the time, when they have been used to me requiring this info each time. Today they got a total and not by type making all my calculations go awry.

It just seems that they just don’t hear the instructions so I will in future have to write everything down and then check word for word if they did it correct. Unfortunately this is no guarantee that it will be as it should even in this scenario. The fact that I have to interact a lot with people with a level of education much maligned who are not taught to think is partly to explain. If they were better able to think, then they would not be working for me I guess!! But for some one less challenged or challenging!!

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