Friday, February 23, 2018

We should remove/rescind ALL car permits, not extend it as was done yesterday

Knee-jerk reaction to the Government unpopularity is not to grant Government Servants who are eligible, a further increase in the value of the car permit. That is STUPID.

Who advised the brain dead leaders of this? You don’t do such a silly thing a few days after losing their vote. You are going to lose more votes, especially the private sector, who think this is FURTHER pandering to the class, which is most ineffective, and inefficient in our society.

The popular move that will be electorally popular in fact will be to remove all car permits from EVERYONE in our society, especially Members of Parliament. We have to begin with a level playing field, surely.

The New Inland Revenue Act gazette has SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTED THE PROCEEDS OF SELLING A CAR PERMIT from Taxation, giving a further super tax free income boost to an already pandered, unproductive, lazy, ineffective and in short the traitors to traitors in our society. This of course must include the members of the GMOA, who have to get a grip on themselves what they owe to society rather than what society owes them!

We do not have any hope as a country unless this simple process is begum immediately.

It is a no brainer as an electoral ploy too, as there is an overwhelming public anger today, about how the State Sector has let this nation down. They are undeserving of any further benefit, until corruption which is at the root of the problem is arrested. Those MPs who are of the cynical mindset that giving them a car permit will reduce their propensity to be bribed must be dreaming in Technicolor.

I had a meeting with a group of highly regarded professionals and their consensus was this break with tradition will win immediate praise from the majority of the people.

The decision made so hastily yesterday to further pander to the very segment who one thinks can be bought to you side, when in fact they can never be bought. IN any case they will forget who even gave this benefit, when it come the time to cast their vote. So I can only believe this is a further attempt to give benefit to friends and family, meaning personal interest, over the public interest.

As long as the public servants are the reason for the level of corruption of our society and they all collectively decide to make a sacrifice on behalf of the nation, under threat or not, there is no hope for a considerable improvement to the quality of life of the people who live here, the primary aim of this blog!

We now have to fight the traitors on all fronts, as they don't even acknowledge treachery. We have to educate the public to this grave threat from the very people who are throwing stones at a glass house.


Anonymous said...

Here is something to add which just came on Social Media, as a letter from Dr Neville Fernando. I must add that I do not have proof yet that Dr Fernando did in fact write this letter, but it is not hard to accept most of what was in it, if you are someone who truly cares for the Country, which clearly the GMOA does not, and those making commissions on encouraging people to go overseas for a third rate medical education.


I ll sue Sirisena and Harsha'' - Dr Neville Fernando

(Lanka-e-News - 22.Feb.2018, 11.30PM ) On the 16th I met Sirisena and told him no uncertain words that he has no power to tell me to handover SAITM to SLIIT

He has no power to say that the profit making entity owned and managed by Dr Neville Fernando and family will cease to exist and allow his brother Dudley to make billions and put up a palace in Nuwara Eliya.

Under the 19 the amendment I will sue Sirisena and Harsha for RS 8 billion for infringing my right to gainful occupation.

From 2008 when I established SAITM the gmoa and the then registrar Nonis tried their level best close down SAITM as it was a threat to their business of sending students abroad and charging between RS 500,000 to 1millon each

They also mislead students. Last year Nonis owned agency advertise d that their foundation course was accepted by Russian Universities for admission to their MD course.

This was promptly denied by a Rector.

Last year he also advertise d that with a BA in Psychology students would be admitted to a university in Batangas and get a MBBS in four and a half years and eligible for SLMC registration.To my knowledge only five years degree is registrable.

Members of the gmoa also send students to Russia. At the end of the course they send Russian qualified doctors to coach them to sit the Act 16 exam on their return to SL.

They charge extra for this .

On their return they are given tuition in Wellawatte where they are charged RS 25,000.

But only 6 percent pass the Act 16 and then repeat the exam paying RS 20,000 to the SLMC

which has become the trade union office of the gmoa.This money in the SLMC is used for unknown activities.The funds have not been audited by the Auditor General for the last several years

Who is the President of the gmoa.? This is the man who got only 30 marks at the MD part 1 while the pass mark was 50 and got the PGIM to lower the pass mark so that he was able to go abroad for PG training.

On his return he continued to draw the foreign country allowance for 6 months without reporting to the government

To admit his son to Royal College he gave the house owners name as the father of his son virtually accepting that his son is a bastard and wife having an extra marital relationship.

This is the moral standard of the gmoa

Now they control the SLMC.

What can you expect from them?

Rajitha showed that he was not scared of the gmoa but like miss Muffet who was eating curd and whey ran away he saw the gmoa spider and gave them duty free cars and other perks.

I want SAITM which I established in 2008 with my money.

In 2008 I had RS 1.8 billion in my bank today I am in debt to BOC to the tune of RS 2.5 billion.

Is this the profit that Harsha de Sllva with his PhD and Sirisena who has not been inside a university as a student are talking about.

My wife and I get nightmares considering the plight of 900 innocent students who had faith in me enrolled at SAITM.

We do not have a full night's sleep.

I will get the two idiots to pay for making my students, my children and my wife and myself suffer like this at a time when I should be relaxing with my feet on the table.

I have no money to pay RS 50 million as salaries for this month thanks to the two idiots who remind me of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza fighting windmills

Dr Neville Fernando
Chairman SAITM

Anonymous said...

Have the people been informed of the Revenue loss of Rs40Billion in one year because of this giveaway? It is shameful, as with that money you can give the farmers three times their fertilizer payment and win more votes

Obviously this is a money making scheme where the Motor Car Companies have BRIBED the people making this change to the tune of BILLIONS. This makes the Central Bank Bond Scam look like a walk in the park.

Media under whose COAT ARE YOU HIDING? Shame on you

Anonymous said...

This latest news is beyond the pale, where is the President's now familiar reversal of actions? Not when it helps his friends and all those jokers he put into Government Service, who are ill qualified and now get car permits they can sell for millions.

More of the same, helping themselves to the nation's wealth, as this is clearly theft.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous - Stop this daylight robbery by the State of the State and against the public, who have been alienated by the State, when they are and should be the State.

Anonymous said...

Another scam that will only get outed after the next general election and nothing as usual will be done about it when it is discovered that Billions in Commissions were paid to Politicos to make this change, which only helps Car Dealers and hurts the Country.

Wheels within wheels, I will scratch your back and you scratch mine type deal here! SMELLS

Anonymous said...

We must have policies we adhere to and not people who are able to make changes as it suits them, and clearly against the interests of sound policies, which should say no one is exempt from paying the rightful duty attributable to a vehicle, with NO exceptions(except on international treaties for diplomats of a certain grade of foreign missions). That is straightforward and fair to all.

No show off vehicles will litter the roads, unless the owner has paid taxes in full.