Thursday, February 22, 2018

The decision is ours to make, move ahead or retreat going backwards!

“The world has moved on. This is typical stone age thinking, (the fact that people could be aroused and therefore vote for on this divisive agenda, by a campaign whose purpose was to blame this government for appeasing the minorities and thereby allowing the country to be divided, with Federalism being the pre-cursor to this plan) that can work only if we build a wall around and prevent anyone entering or leaving this country. (This divisive agenda worked beautifully because the voter bought it hook line and sinker)

All progressive people will leave this country leaving only this island mentality behind to wallow in self-pity. Sadly this belief is held by many, as it is the ruse used to deceive by the devious to gain or hold on to political power.

Let's introduce gene testing finally put to rest this canard. We are all mixed. There is no exclusive race, belief, language. They are all creations to belong and be exploited by a few. We are still enslaved by false beliefs of race, religion and language. It is a state of mind we need to be free of. Only those free from such shackles truly belong to the human race. Only those freed can truly understand my logic.

Only they know how satisfying it is to live unchained. Put it another way until you are released from chains you don't know what it feels to be unchained!

It is time we change our political culture to follow a policy for the future survival of ALL who wish to live in this island, not for a party, or a particular segment with an agenda. That is the ONLY way to unite everyone in SL. Most commenters in VOC have missed this foundation for the future.

This morning I wrote this passage above on the VOC (Voice of Change) page on FB to a statement that was trying to explain why it was that the people of SL despite knowing the background of the cast of characters represented by the BUD (pohottuwa) still decided to vote for them no matter what, no matter who was actually going to be voted into their own ward as their representative, good or bad, without even knowing who he or she was, or who they were voting for! It was a mere sign they were voting for. Unless there is an attitude change brought about by progressive forces for Change, with the interests of the Country as a whole at heart and put aside petty differences, for the greater good, we can never get to the objective that we genuinely are striving for.


Anonymous said...

Those who leave our shores for better prospects overseas are some of the worst who contribute to the Island mentality, as they take their prejudices with them. Just see the division of the Sinhala and Tamil community in LA. Its still war there, when the war is over here.

Anonymous said...

No wonder then that Ghotabhaya our LA emigrant, now US citizen has decided to come back and fight the same war here. Its this divisive mentality that needs changing if we are to truly benefit. They are the problem not the solution that most people think

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan society is fed nonsense from birth.

So to change this mindset is nigh impossible. This change must come from Pre-School, but with the parent's ability to grasp that it is in the best interest of their children. Otherwise they will reverse everything the child learns, when they come home, and confusing the child even further.

So it is a dangerous experiment fraught with obstacles, without a desired result assured.
After all in our society, those who need an attitudinal include professors in Universities too, and they think they are beyond reproach