Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Is there a third force about to RISE IN SRI LANKAN POLITICS?

Unfortunately 95% of the population in Sri Lanka are NOT aware of the LATEST FRENCH REVOLUTION, in order to take a cue from that experience and recreate a similar situation in Sri Lanka, though most people I know subscribe to the same desires, that the French in these last 50 days subscribed to! Change is needed but please not the same faces anymore!

The reason they are unaware has its roots in our education system, of being fed information from an agenda set by a few, with NO DESIRE to educate, but with EVERY DESIRE TO ENSLAVE. If these facts emanating from France are instilled into our people, their hopes for a brighter future would be raised. I fear we do not have patriots at the top in Sri Lanka who wish to offer a better alternative to the current political culture in Sri Lanka.


So what is this revolution I refer to? Firstly, the Youngest French President since Napoleon, was elected. I don’t know how freely Napoleon was elected and if Universal Franchise was available then. The point is not that he was young and had NO prior political experience, except as a Minister in the Hollande Government, but that his movement is LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD, and its goals went against the grain of French expectations of shorter hours, earlier retirement, better pensions schemes, and more holidays!

In short the first issue this movement had on its agenda was to reduce the PUBLIC SECTOR BY AT LEAST 120,000 people! The French People actually VOTED FOR THAT MANIFESTO, and less about law and order despite the terrorist incidents that have scarred France lately,  as they realized that in order to IMPROVE their quality of life, they MUST make sacrifices they cannot afford, and NOT insist on promises, that merely bankrupt the Country.

Let me remind my readers then that this new President’s NEW PARTY swept the board at the National Assembly, (Parliamentary) Elections held this Sunday, 18th June 2017 and obtained an overwhelming majority to GOVERN, something the relinquishing socialist government EVEN did not have.

Read the link carefully to obtain all the details of how the French voted, despite the lower percentage vote, due to voter fatigue, and does not change the facts.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/19/french-election-results-new-parliament-looks-macrons-new-party/ In short a new set of people, many who have never been in politics, (the retired bullfighter just lost in her constituency) are female members of parliament. Factually, 223 out of 557.

Even more astounding is that Macron’s LREM movement had 47% females elected to Parliament of the 350 members that won on Sunday. This is a TECTONIC SHIFT in World Politics and NOT just French politics, firstly ALL in Sri Lanka must be made aware of this, and only then will they sincerely believe it is possible in Sri Lanka.

If ever the time is ripe it is NOW.

I know some donkeys in power are currently having discussions to form a third force! However when donkeys who are part of the first and second force are quietly conniving to create a credible third force to enhance their PERSONAL AGENDA, to suit their long term needs and NOT that of the Country, IT WILL FAIL before it can even begin, an asinine way to start.

They are playing with the same pack of cards, and we just have to NOT ONLY change the pack of cards, we just cannot play cards AT ALL, as it is more than that we need to achieve, a completely changed culture of thinking that the people subscribe to, but which there is currently NO anchor to latch on to form a movement such as in France from which to leap forward.

LEAP FORWARD IT WILL, and as France has shown it does not even take ONE year for it to change the political landscape.

I am now looking for Country First people to create the nucleus of the movement which should NOT put ONE person at the helm to identify with as HUMANS ARE SIMPLY FLAWED by birth and association. Of course you might say, Macron was the catalyst in France to create the movement and YOU MUST have a credible leader to lead this movement as otherwise especially in the Sri Lankan context governing or policy will NOT alone be sufficient to create change.

I believe that a movement with Policy at its APEX is sufficient to accept, and as it is open to all comers, meaning today’s voters sullied by color for the party they have voted for are ALL WELCOME. It is the youth who must eventually take leadership and run, but unlike the likes of Macron in France, we have NO educated YOUTH with leadership quality, who understand the dynamics of plurality at present and will require EDUCATION within the movement to give them the tools to achieve the desired objectives that they see more than the older people like us, as being NECESSARY for Change!

Of course we must begin somewhere and Environment would rightly figure at the APEX, with the rights to drink clean water, eat wholesome food, and breathe clean air as the basics to human life which we don’t have today.

The main policy issues to achieve this would then be the removal of all those who currently ruled over us. They have only enriched themselves at the expense of others. It will change the culture of the public service that has so completely corrupted the fabric of our society, so as to enslave our people beginning with the rural villager who is terrorized by tin-pot public officials. They lord over them as rulers, NOT as the SERVANTS of the PUBLIC they are SWORN TO SERVE. Ironic isn’t it how the roles have changed? We are merely seeking a role reversal back to what we had, and what we deserve from this SERVICE.

When these simple concepts are understood, and that is the key, ensuring we use social media, to simply convey that which is obvious, our natural following will be the users of social media, namely our youth to whom these diabolical predictions of disaster are VERY REAL.

TO THEM, these proposals are no-brainers, and are simply the least expected of a new force to change the current system. I can assure you that the currently conniving dreamers of the new force have simply LOST THE PLOT and will NOT make any headway as they are simply dreaming about what they can do.

To those who are simply trying to upset the existing order of play by creating a new force that MERELY shifts the balance of power to those HUNGRY FOR POWER, I appeal to you to desist, as you are NO MORE DESIROUS to us than the present CABAL. So you may as well save your dreams for something more productive and shift your energies to something that will actually help Sri Lanka not yourselves, often at the expense even of your own enrichment.

You will be surprised how in the end, it is all of us who will benefit including you, as you will NOT be eliminated like the desire of the JVP revolutions of the past, but  will be inclusive and important contributors to the overall goal that is set by the policies that will see Sri Lanka through to at least 2075 if not 2100. Surely it must be clear to you that your plan will not lengthen the sustainability of this Country into the next century at ALL and it is merely going to sustain you in clover till your demise only and the Country’s demise if earlier!

This long-term survival plan ensures at least that the people who live in this Country, especially those who are BORN today and henceforth have a future in a livable space, throughout their lives, something you do not support in your plans that are extremely short-termist, not revolutionary, and unlikely to bear wholesome fruit that can carry a nation with certainty.

I am not saying that the future of France is assured, at least they have a plan that is different and has a better chance of survival. Similarly with what we propose we look with optimism to change minds first, before hearts have their say.

Yes, there is a third force that will rise up. You don't have to fear it, especially if you are part of the silent majority who believe that this Paradise has been destroyed by our rulers, Have faith that a policy based force will sweep through this land and blow our prejudices to Kingdom Come!

To those who dream that they can change the center of power, by merely changing the pack, just dream on!



Anonymous said...

Wonders never cease, so there is hope in Sri Lanka too.

Thank you for giving us hope

Rohan Samarajiva said...

Take a look, may be it has already started: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1359135270825356/