Saturday, April 15, 2017

When will the donkeys in charge of Education Policy learn that EVERY aspect of the present education system is wrong!

Just look at the link. A detailed study of teenagers has come out with the  fact that they need a minimum of 8 hours sleep, and preferably 10 hours

This means that for them starting school at 7.30am is simply a no no! Please read the link above for more detail.

No wonder then that Sri Lanka's teenage suicides are the highest in the world. We need to do more research. Is anyone doing that? What are the professors at Universities doing? What kind of research? Those that are useful to society or merely for their advancement?

Then you have the National Institute of Education proposing that School is truncated at Grade 12 as is common worldwide but NOT in Sri Lanka. No one appears to give a damn about that report.

Of course I have maintained that 13 years in school must start at the pre-school two years before formal school so the compulaory teahing ends at the O level stage and Children will by proper teaching methods be empowered at 16 to choose their field of vocation, where NOTHING IS FREE and there are scholarships for the gifted, and loans for others, so they value the subject they pursue, be it in the Construction Industry or Medicine whatever suits THEIR fancy and NOT the SYSTEM's fancy as it is today, that trains people in fields they are NOT interested in, and NO WONDER that one million jobs are going abegging, becuase ther are NO suitably qualified people for them, or that public perception has devalued others, so that youth DO NOT pursue perfectly god well paying jobs becuase of PEER PRESSURE and PARENTAL DISAPPROVAL

The Education Authorities have yet to address these very obvious weaknesses, and ensure that our Youth are given as much KNOWLEDGE as possible about what is available, and ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT to pursue their dreams especially in a field where there is HIGH demand both in Cities and in Rural Areas like in Construction, where a knowledgeable and reliable build aged 20 can earn at least Rs100K a month if he began his apprenticeship in earnest soon after O levels.

Policy Makers - something to ponder over - but immediate action is required if we are to see the benefits in about 20 years. NO TIME TO DILLY DALLY

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Anonymous said...

No wonder we have policies that don't make any sense in reality, like to force all kids to be in school till grade 13.

When we have thousands of schools with no toilets, something extremely trying for a girl child, we must make a top priority that we have toilets and drinking water in every school before we even have the requisite teachers.

In an era when MOST teachers assigned to rural schools look for every opportunity to get a transfer, thereby voting with their feet in NOT teaching the children in their care, it is obvious without the basic we cannot even dream about forcing children WHO DO NOT GET ANY EDUCATION IN SCHOOL to waste two more years.

The people who make decisions are NOT aware of this problem, so are making pie in the sky decision about the fuutre of OUR FUTURE being our youth. With this kind of human rights violation on a daily basis what point is it farting about UNHRC demands. They amount to a hill of beans when compmared to the daily rights violations that take place in Sri Lanka in EVERY SCHOOL.

Prioritize PLEASE