Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Children who commute over one hour to school in a van or bus during their school years, will shorten their lives on average by 10 years

Read the article in the link below of the true damage of particulate pollution, most of which we are NOT aware of.


and in Sri Lanka due to the 1.5M heavily polluting 3 wheelers that the State has failed to inform the public of as a HIGH polluting vehicle, we are actually KILLING our kids if they spend more than one hour going to and from school, even if it is walking in urban areas, or going in a 3 wheeler or school van or bus to school and back. Hardly any children commute in an air-conditioned car for that long, so they are the least susceptible to this terrible form of invisible pollution.

So parents, stop killing your kids out of love, sending them in vehicles to school, some leaving as early as 4.30am for the 7.30am start. It is better to send them to a local school, that may technically not be as good! as the school their 4 hour commute is but in the end be better for them anyway with more time to be children, time to play and time to sleep all adding to a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately we live in a state where both the people elected and the Govt servants are NOT interested in the purpose for which they are there, namely serving the public. So they are completely oblivious to the killer that is ever present in this country of increasing polluted vehicles, of which the three wheeler is the biggest culprit. We are the only country in the world that does not even have Natural Gas or Electric Buses or electric trams and trains, so the DIESEL fumes of all diesel vehicles contribute to this increasingly polluted environment.

I am simply quite amazed that our Media have NOT alerted the public to this lingering killer in their midst that will account for probably 500,000 premature deaths every year in the not too distant future, and instead spend most of their pages informing the people about the very real but relatively less important MOTOR ACCIDENT!

It is time someone takes up this pollution mantle as a PUBLIC HEALTH issue, and the GMOA are simply not equipped due to their lack of intelligence to grasp how desperately important this is and so this topic has to be tackled HEAD ON by people knowledgeable in COMMUNICATING this message to all adults to understand how debilitating their actions are on behalf of their innocent children, due to IGNORANCE.

This is a wake up call to the PUBLIC to challenge those in authority to take action, and make policy decisions sooner rather than later in the interests of the Citizens of this Country, as their own children are affected by their poor choices and lack of accountability in NOT making these timely decisions.

So let us begin with appealing to the killers in Elected Politicians and Govt. Servants to take IMMEDIATE steps to prevent the mass killing they are directly (NOT INDIRECTLY) responsible for.

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Anonymous said...

It is strange that there is NO study on the effects of air pollution on the health of our society. Kandy now has one of the worst air pollution, because of the inability for the pollution to leave, being trapped in the valley surrounded by hills. That means all the school children within Kandy will suffer the long term effects of terrible air pollution and die early.

It will be a while before the tunnels are built to move traffic out quickly without clogging the roads in JAMS. In the meantime the Temple MUST allow the road in front to be used, if they wish to save lives. If the Priests want to die early due to the pollution and go to their SANSARA that is up to them, but they should NOT impose that on the PUBLIC, as that is a selfish act. So in their infinite WISDOM they must make an exception until the tunnels are built.

More importantly the people of Kandy must prevent vehicles coming into the city period. Use Electric public transport as the ONLY and hopefully free transport within the valley and charge a hefty fee for vehicles wishing to pass through Kandy as there is NO other through route until the tunnels are built.

All this is common sense, but does not seem that those who make decisions have any common sense. SAD