Thursday, June 4, 2015

Condolences – How about it being timely for a change?

In the Sri Lankan Parliament, condolences are taken up on the last sitting day of the week, and the chamber is very poorly attended, and the family of the person, usually an ex-MP who has passed on, come to listen to the condolences from all sides of the chamber, as party political differences are set aside on these days, to pay tribute to the deceased!

The trouble is it is too long deceased. Often the condolence is for an MP who has died over a year previously. How ridiculous can that be? Kalpanakarananna what an anachronism that is. This happens when tradition takes over from common sense, and we are enslaved by tradition, not realizing that tradition is all cockeyed.

Contrast that with the wonderful tributes given in memory of Charles Kennedy the previous leader of the Liberal Democrats, who died the day before yesterday, and the condolences were heard in a packed House of Commons, just after Prime Minister’s Question Time!

We in Sri Lanka are very quick to dismiss anything English as being peculiar, but think of no better time, just after the death of the MP, long before even the funeral service, which will only be attended by very few close friends and family, that the House takes time to give ALL those who wish to say a few words of condolences to do so. The son of the MP only 10 years old was in the visitor’s gallery to hear the eulogies for his father from those who were from opposing camps in the House of Commons.

Frankly should we waste our time attending funerals and funeral houses, sometimes having to travel miles to do so, and take the best part of a day, from a very tight and busy schedule when these self-same politicians who do this funeral round, can eulogize instantly in a short period in the Parliament Chamber, where Hansard will record what they said.

It should be all about prioritizing life, doing what is important, and recognizing people when they need to be recognized, and NOT when you set a time for this tribute.

Kalpanakaranna is the order of the day, and determine that it is high time, that useless practices are scrapped, and sensible alternatives adopted for life and death! Only then will society grow up from a slumber of enslavement, where reason for certain practices are NOT questioned, but followed BLINDLY.

When will Sri Lankans really open their eyes and see fraud for what it is, and politicians for who they are, and boru show for what it is, and lead a life of sense and sensibility?

Imagine how you can remember a man who has departed this world so long, that when you are asked by his family to say a few words, you are at a loss for what to say! A word of condolence a day or two after the death will come more easily to the mind, and the instance related in a more human sense, reminding us of the uncertainty of life, and the real need to express our loss in words that are truly personal and not contrived for an audience, where speeches are written for you.

Time for another time out, change the rules, and replace outdated practices with novelty!

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Anonymous said...

Tax payers pay for this nonsense? Do it on private time in a private space!